Cheerleader convicted of abusing baby’s corpse asks for seal

Cheerleader convicted of abusing baby's corpse asks for seal

LEBANON, Ohio (WCPO) – Brooke Skylar Richardson, who was convicted by a Warren County jury of mutilating her baby’s body, is asking a judge to seal the fifth-degree felony conviction. .

The motion filed Friday by his attorney, Charles M. Rittgers, comes 19 months after Richardson was released from probation by Warren County Common Pleas Judge Donald Oda II.

Richardson, now 23, was found guilty in September 2019 of abuse of a corpse after the death of his baby girl who he buried behind his parents’ Carlisle home. After a long trial, he was sentenced to three years of community rule.


Oda, who presided over the trial, released Richardson after serving just 14 months of his 36-month sentence.

In the brief requesting the seal, Rittgers said “there are no pending criminal proceedings against Ms. Richardson, and the defendant’s interests in sealing the official records of this case outweigh the reasonable interests, if any, of the state in question. keep such records.”

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said, “we’ve got it and we’re going to hold it accountable.”

Richardson, an 18-year-old high school senior at the time, secretly gave birth to the baby and buried it in the backyard. He was acquitted of charges of intentional homicide, intentional homicide and child endangerment after months of trials and a trial that caught the attention of the national media.

Brooke Skylar Richardson is in court during her sentencing. (Court TV)

During the hearing to release Richardson from probation, Oda said that he has an opinion and the truth of this matter, and the fact is that Richardson was convicted of a serious crime.

“There is no reason for me to spend the time and resources of my probation department to look after you,” said Oda. The judge said that it is not a suspended sentence, but “an opportunity to show why the prison sentence of 12 months in prison should not be given”.

To Richardson, Oda concluded, “There is nothing … that leads me to believe that you will not follow the law or that you will commit crimes in the future.”

In November 2020, Richardson’s attorney said he had a job, was in college and was still undergoing psychiatric treatment. Richardson works at his law firm, Rittgers and Rittgers, and Richardson intends to study law.

This story was originally published Aug. 17 by WCPO in Cincinnati, an E.W. Company. Scripps.

The baby’s father is Trey Johnson, a teenager they were friends with in the summer of 2016. She found out he was the boy on Facebook about Skylar’s arrest and for two years, watch from the outside as the case proceeds in court.

Was Brooke Skylar Richardson’s baby alive?

Was Brooke Skylar Richardson's baby alive?

Brooke Skylar Richardson kept her pregnancy — and the birth of a daughter less than 48 hours after her senior pledge — a secret. To see also : Philadelphia football players and cheerleaders return to the Shepard Recreation Center after the quintuplet shooting. The 18-year-old man later informed the police that the baby was born and he buried the baby in the backyard.

How old is Brooke Skylar Richardson? The judge has terminated Brooke Skylar Richardson’s probation, 14 months after she was convicted of abuse of a dead body. Richardson was sentenced to three years in the village administration last year, due to the abuse of the dead body charges. He was also sentenced to seven days in the county jail, but was acquitted for the time served.

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Where is Annabelle Richardson buried?

They said she hid her unwanted pregnancy and buried her baby in her family’s backyard in May 2017, after her senior vows. On the same subject : Eagles Cheerleaders featured in Madden NFL 22 Soundtrack Video. The body of Skylar Richardon’s child was buried Thursday at a cemetery in Franklin.

Did Annabelle Richardson ever live? His defense team said there was no proof the baby was born. Richardson said Annabelle was not moving or breathing when she was born, her defense team said. “He buried his daughter and marked the grave with flowers on it, he didn’t throw her in a garbage can.

How many years did Brooke Richardson get?

Richardson, now 23 years old, was found guilty in September 2019 of abusing a corpse after the death of his baby girl whom he buried in the backyard of his parents’ Carlisle home. Read also : 50 years ago, she was proud to be one of the last Browns cheerleaders. No more.. After a long trial, he was sentenced to three years of community rule.

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