‘I want to thank our community’: KVYFC hosts football, cheer fundraiser

Patty Vaca, Rick Diffine and Mark Gayman cook at Eagles Lodge | Debby Golden/Kern Valley Sun

A poker tournament held July 30 at the Eagles Lodge raised money for the Kern Valley Youth Football and Cheer (KVYFC).

Heather Beam, who supervises the cheerleaders for KVYFC, said the tournament is just one of many fundraisers the group organizes.

“We do a lot of car washes and sell pretzels and donuts throughout the school year, but the poker tournament is our biggest of the year,” Beam said.

The main reason for collecting funds is the purchase of new cheer uniforms this year.

“Uniforms are pretty expensive,” Beam said. But they usually use the same uniforms for three to five years. This means that cheerleaders and their families do not have to pay for uniforms.

Beam explained that the community helps kids who can’t afford to pay to play or cheer. Almost all local businesses will sponsor a child to play cheer or soccer.

KVYFC Vice President Gene Parks Jr. came up with the idea of ​​a poker tournament. He attended the event on July 30 as a volunteer.

John Trujillo, president of KVYFC, said the group combines fundraising (cheerleading and soccer) and then splits the proceeds.

KVYFC aims to “build good character traits in our youth.”

Trujillo says, “This is needed in our valley. Children easily get into trouble in our valley because they get bored. So that’s an important thing they have.”

Beam said they currently have about 70 cheerleaders.

“Before COVID, we would run about 100 cheerleaders,” she said.

This is for kids in the Kern River Valley through eighth grade.

“If they’re out of diapers, I’m taking them!” Beam said. “By the way, there was one yesterday wearing a diaper.”

Football players are usually between 6 and 14 years old. They practice on the lower field at Kern Valley High School. Everyone on the KVYFC board and all the coaches are all volunteers. They are assisted by about 25 to 30 volunteers. The youth football and cheer coaches are usually high school students who have volunteered to help.

“You have to maintain a certain GPA in high school to play and stay out of trouble. We accept everybody, regardless of whether they get in trouble or what their grades are,” Trujillo said.

Trujillo has been doing this for 23 years and has been on the board for three years. Born and raised in the Valley, Beam has been working with the cheerleaders for nine years.

Go to KVYFL.com for more information on their programs.

“I would like to thank our community. I received $2,000 in donations this week alone,” Trujillo said.

Beam said she recently received a $1,000 check to cheer on.

Eagles Lodge rented the room to KVYFC for a poker tournament. For those who couldn’t afford the $100 entry fee for poker games, they also held $10 Uno games. Two of the Eagles members (Rick Diffin and Mark Gayman) cooked in the kitchen that night, and one auxiliary member, Patty Vaca, took orders and served. Although women are not allowed to join the Eagles, Vaca said women can join the auxiliary.

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