Meet Kayla, The Eagles’ Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Meet Kayla, The Eagles' Pro Bowl Cheerleader

(Editor’s note: This piece was originally released in December just after it was announced that Kayla had been selected.)

Kayla’s secret talent is no longer so secret.

As a kindergarten teacher in suburban Philadelphia, Kayla’s “secret talent” is that she is an Eagles cheerleader. Well, she was named the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Representative for the 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

“Kayla was selected by her teammates to be this year’s Pro Bowl Cheerleader, which illustrates the excellent relationship she has with the team,” said Barbara Zaun, director of entertainment groups at Eagles. “She is respected for her leadership and always creates a sense of camaraderie and inclusion with her enthusiastic and warm personality. Kayla embodies all the attributes of a Pro Bowl cheerleader and will be an excellent representative of the Philadelphia Eagles while in Orlando.

“She is a fan favorite on and off the pitch and has dedicated herself to being an ambassador to the community. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and her genuine and caring nature shines through.”

Kayla won’t be alone at the Pro Bowl. Her parents, Ken and Michele, bought their plane tickets the day after learning that their daughter had been chosen to represent the team. And Kayla will definitely represent her parents and teammates, whether it’s at community events leading up to the all-star game or in the exhibition at the Camping World Stadium.

“I don’t want to prove them wrong,” says Kayla, who was overcome with emotion when she learned of the recognition. “When I go to Orlando, I will do them justice because they have supported me and will continue to support them. It is honestly a real honor to represent this organization and my teammates. I have been in the squad for five years and going to the Pro Bowl has always been the only one. which I wanted to achieve. It was really my ultimate goal. Being selected means the world to me and knowing that my teammates and colleagues felt that I deserved this is a great honor. I can’t wait to meet my fellow cheerleaders of the Pro Bowl and show them how we do things here in Philadelphia. “

Born in New Rochelle, New York, Kayla graduated from La Salle University in Philadelphia but almost didn’t end up going to school there. Kayla was due to attend Clemson University in South Carolina when her father made an off-the-cuff comment.

“Well, see you for New Years,” he said.

Kayla suddenly realized how she wouldn’t be able to see her family in a moment and decided to go to school somewhere closer to home.

“I come home probably every two weeks because I need that sense of my mom’s hug or just to relax with my dad,” says Kayla. “When he said it, I said, ‘I can’t do this.'”

Kayla’s parents are her inspiration. Michele is an account manager for Verizon in New York City, while Ken is a former Coney Island firefighter. He suffered a severe back injury while cleaning up following the 9/11 attacks when a rock from a building landed on him. He underwent surgery and was forced to retire. He now works for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

“Both of my parents are my heroes only because nothing ever stops them,” says Kayla. “They love to live up to the occasion and have instilled it in me and my sisters. As a result, that’s why I feel I am a strong individual. If you put a task ahead of me, I will challenge it, no ifs ands buts I might struggle and asking for help, but I have no problem asking for help just to get the job done.

“I’ll say being on this team has really improved my leadership ability where it’s not about me but about those next to me. He’s putting others first. He’s giving that extra hand. He’s showing that I care. I am the youngest of three girls and I have seen my older sisters succeed. Kendra is a vet and Kellie is in college to become a lawyer. I have always seen it in them and I wanted to commit and live up to the occasion. ” .

Before starting to perform in front of nearly 70,000 fans at the Eagles home games, she traveled around the world as a singer in a traveling choir and starred at the 2010 World Expo in Beijing, China, and the London Olympics of the 2012. She joined the cheerleading team in La Salle, where she was coached by Jennifer Kaiser, a former Eagles cheerleader. Kaiser shared her amazing experiences of being a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader and it made Kayla want to try. In February, Kayla did something Kaiser never did and is cheering at the Super Bowl.

“This year has been nothing short of magical and a dream come true. You know that by saying, ‘A lot can happen in a year.’ I feel like I am a true testament to that because 2018 was the best year and I had many experiences for the first time. Going to the Pro Bowl adds to my list of firsts and I can’t wait to make eternal memories. “

Other firsts from last year included completing a 5K at the inaugural Eagles Autism Challenge.

“I’m not a runner. I’ve never been. Never will be. But I just had to participate because it’s for a great cause,” says Kayla.

Moving from the soccer field to the classroom is a relatively smooth transition. As a captain, he helps bring out the best in his teammates. With his students, he introduces so many different topics to find what each child likes best.

“No day is ever the same and that’s why I chose to teach at an elementary level,” says Kayla. “It’s kind of like match day. The noise level is 100 percent high and my students always keep me alert and on tiptoe. And like on match days, I’m constantly on the go and in class it’s more or less the same, non stop. “

Kayla hasn’t told her students yet that she’s going to the Pro Bowl. One of them dressed up as an Eagles cheerleader for Halloween. They sing E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES chants to prepare for each game, and this will be no different. Her students will have to appreciate Kayla’s “secret talent” as the Pro Bowl kicks off what will be her senior year as an Eagles cheerleader.

“I’ll be back next year to relive it all and really appreciate every single moment,” says Kayla. “When there is an apparition, I will do it because I will never be able to do it again.”

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What does Kayla Nicole do?

What does Kayla Nicole do?

In addition to hosting for NBA, BET, Global Grind, HotNewHipHop, XONecole, All Def Digital, as well as for BallisLife’s Heat Check, she has also been a pitchside reporter for the Lakers in the NBA. Read also : DCC Camp brings joy to youth center in Mexico. Kayla also works for Fashion Reverie, a fashion magazine, and her job niche, Kayla Nicole TV.

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Where did Kayla Nicole go to school?

Name and surnameKayla Nicole Jones
Zodiac signTwins
SchoolLocal High School, Montgomery, United States
College / UniversityLocal Private College, Alabama, United States
Education qualificationGraduate

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