O-Zone: Class position

O-Zone: Class position

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it …

Bruce of Green Cove Springs, FL

It may be a little early for this question as the training camp has not yet started; we do not know what the final composition will look like; and coaches tend to stick to vanilla regimens in the preseason. With these caveats, what do you think we’ll learn about the revamped Jaguars on August 4 in the Hall of Fame Game?

Jaguars play the Las Vegas Raiders at the Hall of Fame Game on August 4 in Canton, Ohio, for the first time in this match since the inaugural 1995 season. How many fans will learn about Jaguars in this game? A bit, I suppose – but realistically not much. This is for a number of reasons. One is the third caveat – NFL coaches prefer to reveal very little during pre-season matches. But perhaps the biggest reason is that frontline players are likely to play sparingly in the game – and possibly some won’t play at all. Despite the nationwide profile of the game, it’s still a preseason opener. I expect Jaguar head coach Doug Pederson to play most of the starters in a series or two in the game, but I’d be surprised if they played more. I suppose in this game we will get an early idea of ​​who is the coach in certain starting positions and also get a basic look at patterns and formations. But something specific? Or something exotic? No, not in the Hall of Fame game.

How do you see Chad Muma fit into this defense?

Muma, a Wyoming linebacker, was ranked 70th overall on the NFL Draft 2022 by Jaguars. He was an unexpected choice as Jaguars sucked Foye Oluokun into linebacker as an unlimited free agent and picked Devin Lloyd from 27th place in Utah – and that makes your question of where he will fit legitimate. As Oulokun and Lloyd are likely starting in the base packages, I expect Muma to start this season in a back-up role to defend the Jaguar base with a huge role on special teams. I also expect it to play a role in some of the defense sub-packages – with details of those roles to be determined. The biggest benefit for the Jaguars from Muma’s calling may come in the seasons to come. If as a rookie he doesn’t make a big defensive contribution, I expect him to start relatively quickly and be very good for a long time to come. You don’t always make sketches for an immediate “need”. Sometimes the best selections are for players who are too good to pass on the spot. Mom feels like the other one.

Not Gary of Not St. Augustine, FL

I also want to play footers with you. I hate you too. Please confirm me. Which way did he go, George?

Hi, Zone. Recently, I watched the movie Concussion with a guy who likes to beat people on stage (Will Smith). There was some material in the movie from some of the sticky hits. I realize how dangerous soccer was in the past, but I really miss those times. I still remember the sniper in the middle of the Jags defense at that time, Donovin Darius.

There is no doubt that many NFL fans feel the same way as you do. Part of me too. Football is now another game where there aren’t that many penalty shots, many of which have been pulled out of the game in recent seasons. This is part of the league’s continued tendency to focus on the offensive – without such defensive violence, audiences have much more freedom to move around the center of the pitch. And defenders are indeed discouraged from intimidating audiences anywhere on the pitch. Does this detract from the entertainment value of the game? Yes, probably. But the safety of the players is paramount – and keeping the game safe was crucial to the long-term survival of the game.

Regarding Bruce Springsteen’s discussion. Usually, I was a fan of his music at random. That said, the Seeger Sessions tour was as much a spiritual experience as the concert. If possible, take a DVD. In my opinion, it’s worth it.

After reading this email, I listened to the “Seeger Session”. I haven’t listened before. Thank you.

I’m saying Doug Pederson never had a quarterback with Trevor Lawrence’s skills. Who knows what’s happening statistically, but you judge by the winnings. Fireworks? There will be plenty of it for sure. This is what they both do; they like a lot of touchdowns. If they have a good defense, they will win because points will not be a problem. Go Jaguars!

You’re right. Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence may well be the best quarterback with Doug Pederson as coach. He has worked with Alex Smith (Kansas City, 2013-2015), Carson Wentz (Philadelphia, 2016-2020) and Nick Foles (Philadelphia, 2016-2018), among others as the NFL quarterback coach, coordinator and head coach – but none had Lawrence’s Skill Kit. I also expect Lawrence and the Jaguars offensive to improve this season. I don’t know if this improvement will make points not a problem. It may take some time to get to this point. But what you want this season is an improvement and a feeling by the end of the season that Lawrence will be the elite – and that the Jaguar offensive is headed in the right direction. These are achievable goals.

Hi John. Would you be able to compare / contrast Josh Allen’s and Travon Walker’s traits and abilities? Size, speed etc?

Bin Pedal (Professional Reckoner) from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

O Mighty “O” / King of all Funk, any truth in the rumors that longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Florida Northeast cultural icon Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette would have a street named after him until it was realized that no one is interfering with longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette?

You are not pulling on the Superman cape. It does not spit against the wind. You’re not taking the mask off the old Lone Ranger. And you’re not crossing Gene.

Legend has it that when they aimed nuclear bombs at the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we just put Eugene “Thunderbolt” Frenette at them and they folded like cheap Colts rug.

This, as far as I know, remains secret.

Hey, John. Do you see the Jagi using the Travon Walker for a lot of stunt tricks in overtaking situations? Until he develops a great hasty move. He only needs one to go with this speed and power. Former Jaguar defender Yannick Ngakoue is a prime example of one great move where he bounces to the side and cuts / tears an arm on the offensive and then bends around the corner.

Yes. I absolutely saw it. It’s a bit unfair to assume that Walker – number 1 in the overall NFL Draft 2022 selection – won’t have any moves to rush a passerby. But it can be assumed that he will have to develop them as a novice. Acrobatics and games are a good way for the coordinator to try to get a raise from Walker where he is not the only one trying to beat the seasoned one-on-one offensive liner against the playmaker.

John, do many retired Jaguar players live in Jacksonville? This is a dead zone type question !!!

Yes. Many players from the 90s and 2000s make Jacksonville their homes. Why not? Great weather. Great city. No state taxes. The people who live here understand that. And many of the players who play here get caught quickly.

O-man, it’s unfortunate when selected drafts don’t live up to expectations, and I never understood why anyone would celebrate being right. Given how many players are selected each year, is it safe to say that most of them fall short of all expectations?

Draft NFL is a projection, percentage game. It has always been and always will be. And all the CEOs – even the best ones – have hits and boxes. The first round elections from each draft did not extend, as did the Pro Bowl career. I don’t know if that means most aren’t what you expected, but it’s a damn part of the process, and it’s certainly not uncommon.

A few years ago my daughter bought me tickets to the Pro Bowl in Orlando. We were dressed in all our Jags gear there. A random guy saw us walking before the game and walked over and introduced himself. It was Aaron Beasley. I felt bad not recognizing him. As you said, he was a 100 percent class act. He talked to us for 10 or 15 minutes, telling old stories from his career. He took some photos with my daughter. This was the culmination of our Pro Bowl experience.

What a class act you are?

What a class act you are?

When you describe someone or something as a class act, you mean they are impressive and of high quality. To see also : Cheerleader convicted of abusing baby’s corpse asks for seal.

How do you use the class act in a sentence? someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence. 1 She is a real class act. 2 Their new striker looks classy. 3 Laughton is a classy actor who has proven his worth in the game.

What makes someone a class act?

Having a class is associated with good manners, courtesy, pride without showing off, empathy, humility and a lot of self-control. The actions of people in the class act speak louder than their words. See the article : WSSU cheerleaders featured in Ciara’s new music video ‘Jump’. You can see it in their body language and the way they wear themselves. The class always shows up unannounced.

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How do you show class?

Part of looking classy is having good posture. Stay straight, look straight ahead instead of at the ground and avoid slouching as much as you can. Read also : Band, cheerleaders welcome new students to the University of Kentucky. Do not cross your arms over your chest, but keep them at the sides so that your chest opens up. If you raise your head high, you will look and feel more elegant.

How do people behave with style? Be a class act

  • Live by your own highest standards.
  • Maintain dignity and grace under pressure.
  • Focus and improve the behavior of others.
  • Act from a broader, integrative perspective.
  • Raise the quality of each experience.
  • Counteract meanness, pettiness and vulgarity.
  • Take responsibility for actions and results.

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