O-Zone: In plain sight

O-Zone: In plain sight

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it…

Billy Joe from Jacksonville Beach, FL

I hear and read a lot that the Jaguars do not possess a receiver who can stretch the defense. What is, typically, the minimum 40 yard dash time to be considered a “field stretcher?” Also, how does the speed of Agnew and Zay Jones compare to the speed of D.J. Chark?

Determining a specific time of 40 yards that allows the receiver to stretch a defense is between tricky and impossible. This is because it is not just the speed that allows the receiver to do this; you also need to be able to run routes and catch well enough to be a viable threat. I’ve seen receivers in the 4.4s that can stretch a defense and I’ve seen receivers in the 4.3s that defenses didn’t respect enough to be a major factor. For example: Wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, a former first-round pick who spent time with the Jaguars last season, had great speed but didn’t really stretch defenses. And current Jaguars wide receiver Jamal Agnew certainly has elite speed but perhaps wasn’t polished enough as a receiver last season for defenses to consistently respect him all over the field. Agnew appears to be a quicker touch than former Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark, while Zay Jones and Chark feel similar in terms of speed. That’s just my take; others might see them differently. I saw Jones go deep a few times in 2022 Organized Team Activities. Enough for defenses to respect him and therefore “stretch” the defenses? Yes, he appeared quick enough this spring to do that.

All rookies will make their share of mistakes. Travon Walker will not be immune from mistakes. He’s a rookie but if you’re playing against him, you better know what he’s up to. You take a hit from him and you will be bruised. It would be a bet on that! Go Jaguars!

This is a good look at Jaguars rookie outside linebacker Travon Walker. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, Walker will indeed make rookie mistakes in 2022. He has to get used to the change in size, speed, violence and strength of NFL players compared to college players – as any player should. He also has to improve his pass-rush techniques and fundamentals in that area – as most pass rushers should. But his size, strength and physique should make him effective as long as he’s elite. And yes … it is a reason that offenses will need to account for him on some level very soon.

Hey O. The discussion about former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell. Where would the Jaguars be as a normal second-year team without Brunell? Definitely not in the AFC Championship game. He is definitely top 5 in my book.

Ben from Cuba, MO (currently sitting in the Smoky Mountains)

I have studied the base 4-3 defense so long as it was the base of the Jaguars until recently that I know very little about the expectations, responsibilities and substitutions required from three and four to nickel, dime, quarter, etc. , defenses. So my question(s) is how many times during a typical game do Walker and Josh Allen fall into coverage? Which linebackers submit (by position) to the nickel package? How does the D-Line rotate out during obvious passing situations? I understand that the D-Line in base form is used to stuff the run and gobble up blockers to allow linebackers to run free, but what about passing situations? I’m admittedly ignorant of base 3-4 mechanics and the sub-packs that go along with it, so please take this wherever you see fit.

I expect Allen and Walker to drop in coverage a bit, though not nearly as much as they will rush the passer. I expect inside linebacker Foye Oluokun to submit in nickel packages and I expect inside linebacker Devin Lloyd to play in a lot of those situations. Jaguars coaches aren’t sharing all the details of this yet and we’ve only had three open OTA practices this spring. We should learn a lot more at the Jaguars 2022 Training Camp. This starts on July 24th.

I’m assuming you mean Jaguars running back James Robinson, and I’m also assuming you’re vacationing in Aruba – and without access to a phone or laptop – because Robinson was the talk of the O Zone last week. That was when he discussed his return from an Achilles injury, as did Head Coach Doug Pederson. Bottom line: Pederson and Robinson both expect Robinson to return at some point during training camp. I have heard nothing to indicate that those expectations are unrealistic. As for when he will be at full strength… I have no idea because Achilles injuries are difficult for a running back.

Using all the power of hindsight, how much in the past year did you realize that Urban might have been a miss? what was it

This kind of realization does not usually result from one thing. It’s more of a feeling thing growing up. I initially with the hiring of Urban Meyer as head coach of Jaguars had the same worries that many did about the lack of head-coaching experience of the NFL as a real issue. That concern steadily grew to the point where it was obvious late in the season that it wasn’t going to work. I don’t know exactly when the scale was tipped. It just became glaringly obvious as time went on – particularly after the bye – that it wasn’t going to roll back the other way.

Former Jaguars linebacker Maurice Jones-Drew is my all-time favorite player, but let’s not give him too much credit for knee-down plays when he could have scored. The Head Coach of the Jaguars Jack Del Rio gave him a direct order before the game telling him to go down on the one instead of scoring. He was disinterested and cool, but he was following a direct order and didn’t just think about it in the middle of his own games. The legend grows, I think as it should. I got to sign trashy looking sleeveless T jags at the airport since I didn’t have a jersey. I still have it and will keep it forever. It was super nice. One injured MJD. Even if that play wasn’t his idea…

John, this is a follow-up to Chris from Stuart asking a defensive back to intercept a ball instead of dropping it. Great point. I’ve seen balls flipped on Hail Marys by a defensive end and caught by the receiver when the ball clearly could have been dropped. I believe most, if not all, defensive backs have incentives in their contracts for interceptions. Their contracts should be changed to get the same incentive if they clearly drop a ball, instead of intercepting it, when the situation calls for it. In addition, I have to believe that you are wrong when you said that “and every training instruction he ever received” is to catch the ball. There is no way NFL coaches don’t teach defensive backs to only hit the ball in certain situations. NFL coaches are too smart to miss that.

You make a good point with incentives. Those defensive backs who have it in their contract absolutely should receive credit if they intentionally give one an interception for the sake of the team. As far as my comment that every coaching instruction a defensive back has ever received is to catch the ball … my point was that they are trained from Day 1 as a defensive back to intercept and create turnovers. And opportunities for interceptions are rare in the NFL. Yes, coaches tell them to knock the ball down in Hail Mary situations. But when that ball is in the air, and that opportunity is rarely really there… well, it’s hard not to take advantage of that opportunity sometimes.

I appreciate your self defecating humor (not a typo), but if Episcopalian Johnny can see you now, I hope he’s proud. You’re a better writer than Gene Frenette after all. A man can’t even surf yet.

Episcopal Johnny would be glad that this Johnny covers the Jaguars. He, too, would be amazed that the Jaguars exist, because that was a distant dream – quite unimaginable – in the days of Johnny Episcopal. But Episcopal Johnny wouldn’t dare compare himself to Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette. And if you think Gene can’t surf, you’re sadly – ​​​​and dramatically – mistaken.

Is it true Eugene “Smashing time” Frenette challenged Middleburg Mike to a match at Wrestlemania next year? We all remember when Eugene “Yancy” Frenette retired Ric Flair, the Undertaker and body slammed Andre the Giant.

I can’t speak for Michael from Middleburg, but you challenge Gene to feats of physics at your peril.

If the worst (because of bad stories of a bull made about him) wants to find me, I’m not hiding.

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