O-Zone: One giant leap

O-Zone: One giant leap

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it …

One prime-time game? Again? Year after year, you tell us that the NFL – league, officials, everyone – doesn’t hate Jaguars. When will you get it? When will you admit it?

The NFL released the 2022 schedule on Thursday night, and the Jaguars once again only have one prime-time game. This is Thursday night at the New York Jets on December 22nd. This is basically the least possible, but I admit I’m constantly puzzled when fans are upset that Jaguars are not getting prime-time games. They are a small market team, but that’s not why they haven’t appeared on national TV a lot in recent seasons – and not why they only play once in 2022. Reason: They are a small market team and have been bad for a long time. Consequently, they are currently of very little interest to most fans across the country. This is not necessarily “fair” or “right”, but the NFL does not program its TV show as “fair” or “just”. The league sets the TV schedule with the aim of attracting the maximum number of viewers to create the maximum profile and thus get the maximum revenue. Jaguars absolutely can get more prime-time games in the future. Easy. They have a potential superstar playmaker in Trevor Lawrence. If they win more, they’ll be on prime-time television. Often. If not, they won’t. It’s so simple.

For example, I find this schedule brutal. Not so much because of how bad we’ve been, but are the away stages tough, hard, tough?

I agree. Jaguars play on the road in four of their first six games in 2022, and at the end of the season, there are four road games in five weeks. Hard, hard, hard? Without a doubt.

How important to them are the numbers on the shirts they wear and the length they will go to keep that number safe from the current owner?

Some NFL players consider the numbers very important. And some will pay a lot of money – more than it seems reasonable – to get what they want.

Well, John, about the schedule. This is not a conspiracy theory or anything like that, and I think the facts will largely prove that when they come out. But I find it veeeery suspicious that the Jagi play with the Colts twice in the first six weeks. I have no sources, but I’m pretty sure old Irsay was leaning very heavily towards the “NFL” to make sure the Colts don’t have to play those pesky old Jags at the end of the game. season again. Pretty solid, don’t you think?

I don’t know if Colts owner Jim Irsay has a lot of strength in the league circles you point to. I also think the Jaguars have beaten the Colts in Jacksonville on a fairly regular basis regardless of the season over the past few seasons, so it probably doesn’t really matter much to Irsay when they play the Jaguars.

I don’t see JAGGS doing better than 3-14 this tough season. Seems like THIRD STRAIGHT # 1 pick.

JACK is not “everything” at JAGGS.

I am originally from Duval and have lived in Georgia since I graduated from Bishop Kenny in 1989. In July I am going back to Duval and today I bought a lift pass. Section 206 is coming. I’m ready for some Jaguar ball.

O-man, I really like what I’ve heard and heard about Lloyd. Actually, considering how good it looks, what was made so late (relatively)?

Jaguar novice linebacker Devin Lloyd actually looks good. It is impressive. And it can be a very good choice. Why was he called so late (general number 27)? Playing in a position – an off-the-ball linebacker – which today is not considered a bonus in the NFL like any other position. This can cause “elite” players to slide during the draft. And sometimes teams like other players more so. Jaguars like Lloyd. A lot of. He was the manager of the first round. It seems that the other teams’ defeat in this case could help the Jaguars a lot.

A sequel to John of Cape May Court House. If the Jags are unable to stop the run, they will also struggle off the pitch in third and 1st place.

You refer to a recent O-Zone email in which the aforementioned John actually stated that coming off the pitch in third place was more important than building a defense against the run. I don’t mean to be mean to John, but you’re right. In the NFL, it is crucial to rush the passing and stop the pass. But first you need to be able to stop your run – in early lows and short distances. If you can’t, you don’t have a chance to do other things enough to play a good defense.

It is well said that you have to stop running first. This is a league of passing more than in the past, but teams are still driving the ball more than 50 percent of the time. Especially in our branch. You need to be strong in the center on both sides of the ball to be successful.

Zone. We talked about a 3-4 hybrid in base defense, but what do you think the line-up or appearance looks like in the third and long leg against a four-wing or three-winged and a real catching pass in the tight end.

You’ll have more throwing passes on the field and more defensive defenders. This is where it will be intriguing to watch next season’s defense of new defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell. Over the past decade, he has worked for longtime defense coordinator Todd Bowles – currently head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. Bowles is famous for many fronts and many stylizations, especially for temporary falls. The idea is to appear more complex to attack while still being relatively simple for defensive players. Be cautious.

You still cite Jadeveon Clowney and Mario Williams as the decent results of Travon Walker. But didn’t both players sign a second contract with the team that took first place? Isn’t that the definition of a big disappointment for your # 1 choice? In other words, if Trevor did not sign the second contract, wouldn’t it be a huge disappointment?

Williams scored 97.5 career points, had five double-digit seasons, was a four-time Pro Bowl pick and started every game in seven of the NFL’s 11 seasons. Clowney made three Pro Bowls. The last Jaguar player to win three Pro Bowls was Maurice Jones-Drew on the run over ten years ago. I suppose there is disappointment in the eyes of the beholder, but yes… if Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence had not signed a second contract, it would have been a huge disappointment. But remember: Lawrence was widely regarded as the only player in his generation. In the NFL Draft 2022, there was no player considered to be such.

For a game on Thursday night at Jets before Christmas, could players fly home to enjoy the vacation with their families and return to the building by Monday?

It would not be customary, but it is doable and I expect there is a good chance it will.

Zone, we usually say goodbye after the game in London, this year we will sail around the globe to Las Vegas. What happened?

The teams playing in London have a choice. Head coach Doug Pederson said on Friday the Jaguars would rather say their goodbyes later in the season than after the London game. The Jaguars are playing the Las Vegas Raiders one week after the October 30 game against the Denver Broncos in London this year, but this game is taking place in Jacksonville. This means they will be avoiding the world back home, not Vegas.

Please tell Greg of Section 122 that the quote “Oh no … we’re suck again” is from Waterboy, not the Major League. If you are going to quote an excerpt from a video, at least get the video you want!

_Richard of Jacksonville _

Looking at the new schedule, I find it hard to believe that the Jaguars will win more than six games, and honestly, even six wins will require a passing game to make a HUGE leap forward. What are you saying, John?

I say I think Jaguars can win six or seven matches and in many areas it will take a HUGE leap to get more. Remember: Jaguas have won four games in two seasons. Yes, a HUGE jump is necessary. At some point it has to happen.

Just pass everything and shoot only when you have to. I recommend using a sniper rifle as one of your weapons as Defalco is a bit far away when you have the chance to shoot it.

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