O-zone: Very high

O-zone: Very high

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it…

Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville

Something you didn’t mention about the erasure of old habits. This is a huge reputational risk for Peterson, because let’s be honest. This group is affected. For a long time. Couple that with the lack of trust outside the team from the frequent and – indeed – repeated mistakes in our leadership that resulted in Urban’s chaos. Yes, Pederson better make sure this team looks good this year because – if not – this decision will quickly be questioned. It’s a problem when your team loses a lot. Every decision and move is triple checked and never trusted. Winners don’t have to deal with that.

You’re talking about Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson canceling the final practice of the 2022 Draft and next week’s mandatory three-day minicamp for veterans. “Big reputational risk” is probably a bit of an exaggeration – and it’s really dangerous for those who don’t understand the nature of the offseason program and its unpredictable nature. Pederson, for his part, understands the nature of the season and therefore sees canceling a few days of practice for the unsettled senior as a minor risk and – frankly – no big deal. Yes, Jaguar has been nursing for a long time. Pederson knows the NFL so well that he knows he can’t control the past and understands that training camp opens in about five weeks. Players will work on pads and train for the season during that time. Starting positions and list positions will be set and lost. Players will block and unload and have a full workout to prepare for the regular season. Those methods will be important. OTA methods? Minicamp methods not included? They are important, but they are getting ready for training camp. Pederson sees the team ready, and his experience says he knows what he’s seeing. The fact that he is not worried about the “big reputational risk” – is a reason to be optimistic. Pederson knows the NFL. He knows how to train. He knows how to control players. And he doesn’t care if the viewers agree. It is the opinion of an experienced winner.

Zone, We have more preseason games compared to every team in the league except one. There is an extra game this season. There is also something to be said for winning the hearts and minds of veterans. Moreover, the heat is brutal. Keep their feet. This is a different NFL season than any previous one. Leave the coach.

Pederson will of course coach and not worry about what people say about the little decision he makes in mid-June. His job is to train and prepare the Jaguars, not worrying about what the spectators think and say.

Jerrell thought he could sneak into St. Augustine, change his name to Gary, and we would never know…

Red from the O-Zone Concepts Section

I would like to offer another perspective that Coach Doug cancels minicamp for many fighters. Could it be that his intention is to allow more focused attention on rookies and choose veterans who mostly need more uncomfortable work and instruction in the offensive and defensive scheme? The teacher to student ratio is great! So Red is just fine with Coach Doug’s announcement.

There is some truth in this. My guess is that Pederson is ruled out of minicamp next week for too many veterans to build confidence and send the players a message that the offseason program is paying off. That confirms to the players the idea that this team is able to win and is mentally prepared for Camp Camp 2022. But there is another benefit to this, and it is able to work specifically for three days with rookies and minor players.

Peterson’s comments often suggest that he believes we are ahead of our time, right? He sure doesn’t feel late, does he? We probably got a group of seniors as players in the last few years. I have hope. Go Jags!

Zone, I remember what Peyton Manning looked like. As you knew, no matter what, he would find an open receiver. The best I have ever seen. The best to play the situation.

You are in conversation. It’s hard not to have Tom Brady in that conversation, too. And it’s hard not to have John Unitas and John Elway in it. And Dan Marino. But it is a relatively short discussion.

It’s annoying that minicamp ends so quickly. The confidence of a coach with a proven track record of thinking that he understands his job, his players and his staff enough to believe that he knows what is best for them and the team. I’m shocked, and I won’t go to a game again until we find someone who knows what they’re doing and does it.

I think you have a good perspective on this.

The O-Zone Podcast this year has been top notch, bomb diggitty…well, whatever the kids are talking about these days. I’m asking you as a leader, QB if you will, with the Jaguars media presence how do you do when people find out? Have you had any sad moments with your family? Was Eugene Frenette involved? Duval fans want to know…

Thank you for your feedback on the O-Zone Podcast. It’s definitely been a good year on that front – with interviews with General Manager Trent Baalke, running back Travis Etienne Jr., center Luke Fortner, quarterbacks coach Mike McCoy, offensive coordinator Press Taylor, defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell, a fan of Chad Muma and others. . It’s a great forum that allows us to get to know the subject better than a “normal” discussion. As for public recognition… I get recognized sometimes and I don’t remember any embarrassing moments. But sometimes with longtime Florida Times-Union sportswriter and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette in public, I’m rarely recognized. And if I am known, I belong to the unknown. Gene has a way of drawing attention to himself. Such is the burden of charisma.

Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette vs. Chuck Norris? Yes.

Gene gets the edge. A weak limit, but a limit indeed.

Seamus “SHAY-muss” cuz why not Sioux Falls, SD

Something TLaw said in an interview this week caught my interest. He said something to the effect of “… we just filed a third or fourth offense…”; many years at this point the coach  or coach says they are “done” installing the offense. Is Coach Pederson really an attractive coach or do they define it differently?

The Jaguars’ approach to offense this offseason is unusual. Teams tend to go over – or “install” – the offense several times each season, then install it again during training camp. As Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence pointed out this week, some parts of the offense have been loaded three or four times where other plays may be less. But the coaches want the players to hear and see the plan as many times as possible in hopes that it’s natural and organic through training camp and the regular season.

Myles Jack didn’t go down and it will be on our minds for the rest of our lives (Until we WIN the Super Bowl).

Your discussion with Ryan of Sandy Springs ignores the simple fact that the whistle blew because the official thought the runner, Dion Lewis, was down. The whistle ended the game, and the ball did not go on. So, the song should be “Dion Lewis was not on the floor.” I made this point at the time and you seemed to agree with me, but you said it wasn’t sexy to make the meme “Dion Lewis wasn’t going down.” If you have the archives, I invite you to check them out. I think it’s okay to live with a myth because it’s interesting, but to debate in detail about a question you know is irrelevant is intellectually dishonest.

I wrote that the officials called the game wrong, but you are right that I neglected to mention during this interview that it was New England Patriots running back Dion Lewis who was wrongly ruled because the game that was dead by then. I probably believed you then because I knew the law and watched the AFC Championship Game after the 2017 season. I wouldn’t call Jaguars fans “living in a legend” about this; the officials missed the call and Jack made the play that should have put the Jaguars in the Super Bowl. What’s the view like up there, by the way… you know… on that horse?

Myles Jack was not going down and he was breastfeeding.

What is the difference between good ozone and bad ozone?

What is the difference between good ozone and bad ozone?

"Bad" Ozone is found in the troposphere, the layer closest to the earth. Tropospheric ozone is a dangerous pollutant that occurs when sunlight changes various chemicals produced by humans. On the same subject : Band, cheerleaders welcome new students to the University of Kentucky. "Well" ozone occurs in the stratosphere, which is the next highest layer where some jet planes fly.

What is good ozone? “good†ozone, otherwise known as stratospheric, occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere. This ozone forms a protective layer that protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

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How far up is the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere between 15 and 30 kilometers above the earth, and it protects us and other living things from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. To see also : How Much Do NFL Cheerleaders Make? — Hint: Much less than you think. Depletion of the ozone layer can have negative effects on human health and the environment.

How much ozone layer is left in 2021? Like last year’s season, the ozone hole in 2021 will be one of the largest and longest-lived on record, ending more than 95% of all holes followed by ozone since 1979.

Is there still a hole in the ozone layer 2022?

“There is no ‘tropical ozone hole,'” said Paul Young, an atmospheric scientist at Lancaster University in England and co-author of the 2022 Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion, a report prepared by the WMO and International United. This may interest you : Campsites: Minicamp, day 1.

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