Teen Mom fans were surprised by Cory Wharton’s huge new tattoo featuring a full portrait of daughter Mila,…

Teen Mom fans were surprised by Cory Wharton's huge new tattoo featuring a full portrait of daughter Mila,...

CORY Wharton showed off his new tattoo tribute to daughter Mila on social media, with fans stunned by its size.

The New Mother star is known for her tattoos, some of which honor her children.

On Thursday, Cory took to social media to register at the tattoo parlor.

This video started with Mila’s daughter smiling before reaching the hand of the MTV star, who had the same image.

She captioned the Instagram post: “Something’s done today We added @milamaewharton to the reunion. I love you so much baby girl, you know what it is, know your daddy will always be there for you ,& LOVE YOU.. Your growing up so fast I try to enjoy you as a child, but I love to see you grow up and I know you are no longer a “baby” when Maya is here. “

The reality star continued: “I want to thank @frank310 for bringing my vision to life.”

Cory shared some pictures on his Instagram Stories, showing the tattoo process and the final product.

The first photo showed her sitting in a tattoo parlor, with the caption: “It’s time.”

He then shared a picture from his perspective of his tattoo artist at work.

Cory went on to post a close-up video, with a preview of the ink.



“Wow so cute,” one fan wrote. Read also : Meet the first woman to wear the Cowboys cheerleading uniform.

Another said: “It’s nailed! She even has a little dimple of her own.”

“Who told you to tattoo your face on your body Cory?!,” one fan joked, adding the hashtag #TWINZ.

The fourth founder wrote: “That’s great can’t wait to see Maya next.”

“Absolutely perfect for the smallest peanut,” added another.

Cory has a similar tattoo for his daughter Ryder, which also features several butterflies.

He got the ink in May 2020, showing it online in the same way.

Tattoos aren’t the only way New Dads show their devotion to their daughters.

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The reality star took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to share an adorable video of her dancing with her girls. On the same subject : Carolina Panthers cheerleader refused to give up on her dream.

The TV personality showed off her two eldest children, Ryder, five, and Mila, two, dressed in cute LA cheerleader outfits.

Cory matched her daughters with her team outfit, holding her newborn Maya Grace in her arms.

The youngest of the crew was dressed in white, wearing a matching bow on his head.

The workers danced to music and waved pom poms as they celebrated father’s day.

Cory shares daughter Ryder with ex Cheyenne Floyd, and Mila and Maya with his current girlfriend Taylor.

She and Taylor welcomed their new addition in June, who was born with a form of congenital heart disease.

Maya was diagnosed with Tricuspid Atresia, a congenital heart defect in which a valve restricts blood flow, according to the CDC.

Taylor was finally able to bring baby Maya into their home during a difficult life.

Towards the end of the month, Cory and his girlfriend spoke about Maya’s “shocking” death and her health in a short video and revealed what was in store for their little one .

Taylor explained: “The first [surgery] would be in the first week of his life.

The second is about six months, and the third is about two years.

And these are all open heart surgeries, like, these are all very important.

Cory earned $37,500 for finishing the Final Challenge in second place.

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Who are Cory whartons baby mommas?

The Teen Mom and The Challenge star, 31, revealed in an Instagram post on Saturday that he is expecting another child with his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. On the same subject : Browns Jaguars Football | National Sports | heraldchronicle.com. Wharton and Selfridge are now parents to daughter Mila Mae, and Wharton is the father of daughter Ryder, who he shares with Cheyenne Floyd.

Is Cory Wharton still with Taylor Selfridge? TEEN Mom star Cory Wharton has welcomed a new addition to her family with longtime girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. The MTV couple also shared some heartbreaking news about the baby’s health after announcing his arrival. Cory revealed that they welcomed another baby girl together in an Instagram comment.

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What happened to Cory and Taylor new baby?

Cory Wharton and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge’s newborn daughter, Maya Grace “finally came home” after heart surgery.

Does Cory have a baby with Taylor? The Challenge’s Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge have great news to share: Weeks after welcoming their baby girl, she’s out of the NICU and home with her family. Find out more below.

Did Cory from Teen Mom have a baby?

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge welcomed their second child together this week. The âTeen Mom OGâ star announced the birth of her daughter Maya Grace Wharton on Instagram on Friday, June 10, sharing a series of photos of the newborn at the hospital.

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