The new rule allows Mobile Co. cheerleaders. do stunts

The new rule allows Mobile Co. cheerleaders. do stunts

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – For the past 30 years cheerleaders in the Mobile County Public School System have been “banned,” or not allowed to perform.

The reason was a claim arising out of an accident. Reducing the time it takes to throw the fans into the air. It is a skill used in many college programs. The lack of flaws in the MCPSS puts the performers at a disadvantage, and if they want to learn creatively, they have to do it in action. addition. Now that the hiatus is back, the cheerleaders at MCPSS are in a group called Division 1 where they are learning. causing fear and insecurity.

WKRG News 5 went to Mary G. Montgomery and Vigor High Schools to talk with teachers about the changes to the cheer program.

“I was on a middle school cheer team at Scarboro Middle School when we stopped cheering and that was ’87, ’88,” said Vigor Varsity Cheer Coach, Kimebric Windham. “By the time I came to Vigor in ’89, the chaos and the outcry had happened and the ban had begun.”

Mobile County Public Schools decided to honor their teams after a costly lawsuit involving a cheerleader who was injured during a scrimmage. The act made Mobile County the first county in the state without intervention.

“Almost all of your colleges are going to want them to fumble and crash,” Windham said. “And we can do the reduction, but we don’t do the intervention because it’s been more than 30 years since we were punished.”

In 2021, Mobile’s Board of Education decided to return the tire to the vehicle. Now the district is working on the first phase.

“They are learning the basics. So it goes to preparations and pop-offs, and then to cribs,” said Mary G. Montogmery varsity cheer coach Elizabeth Blackburn. “And eventually, when we move to phase two in full stunting, they will be able to go to full extensions.”

It’s the key to saving money for parents. The teacher said that parents can pay $2,000 to $3,000 for additional training to teach stunting.

More than that, the stunting comeback was a full circle that Coach Windham thought he would never see again. “Mobile County is back we’re back in the market, we’re back the competition is back we’re back,” Windham said. “We’re back to doing everything that fans do all over the world, especially in Alabama. And that’s not taking us lightly.”

Mary G. Montgomery’s Varsity Cheer team came to the WKRG News 5 studios to show off their high flying skills. Here is an explanation:

Bill: Here are the entertainers from Mary G. Montgomery to introduce you to a change in the entertainment rules and show us some of their activities. believe it or not. There they are.

Jessica: There is. The varsity cheer team from Mary Montgomery High School is here on WKRG News five this morning to show off some of these new arrivals. A lawsuit after an injury 30 years ago put Mobile County entertainers on hold. But this law change changes that.

Bill: Yes, they will be able to fly like the other teams in the air. There are other advantages as well. Elizabeth Blackburn is joining us now to talk about some of the changes that are in place. Good morning.

Elizabeth Blackburn/Varsity Coach: Good morning. And thank you all so much for having us.

Jessica: We’re glad you’re here. Tell us about stunting, what it is and what it means for these actors.

Elizabeth Blackburn: So, an example, in general, is what supports my high people from the surface of the performance, whether it’s a mat or a football, the grass on the soccer field by one or more people. So this is our true interpretation and we are very happy. So yes, we are finally not tied to the ground. Now that we are in Mobile county in the first division, it means that our resting place can go on our shoulders. So we are not allowed to go through the extension, but we have to stay here.

Jessica: It’s just getting started, getting this, it’s a big deal for these entertainers, especially entertainers who want to be active after high school. These are the skills they need to succeed in college. Talk about that.

Elizabeth Blackburn: So for Mobile County, if they were a senior athlete trying to practice, they had this great opportunity because they didn’t have that. So they have to go to gyms outside, private people and their parents have to spend a lot of extra money for them to learn these new skills, but everyone else is the states already teach that in their school. So for these students to finally be able to do this right, so much for Mobile County.

Bill: These are the things when you look at an entertainment team, many in the country, some may or may not be, but some things you expect to see in the entertainment team like holding people on things. high level Yeah, stuff like that, right?

Elizabeth Blackburn: Yes, sir. Absolutely. So on Friday nights it’s on the air. They will eventually do that on the line.

Jessica: And we’re watching them live in our parking lot. They seem to be having a lot of fun. I think they are having fun coming in.

Bill: How many entertainers did you bring?

Elizabeth Blackburn: I brought 22 with us.

Bill: Oh, hello. All right. As I have. There we go. All right. Well, is that amazing?

Elizabeth Blackburn: Yes, sir. This is the default. So this is our top girl in that area, in our preparation which is called preparation. And then the girls under our foundations. And the back.

Jessica: Oh, they have a lot.

Bill: I’ve seen them throw one in the air and catch it. Can you do that?

Elizabeth Blackburn: So we can do what we call a shy crib from their resting place? I’m not sure if they can do one from their resting place. They are allowed to throw and catch, but we are not allowed to do what is called a fair and square bag and their legs are straight.

Jessica: Mobile County permits are currently permitting the disease. Montgomery High School.

Jessica: Glad to see them this morning. Glad to have found you.

Elizabeth Blackburn: Thank you so much for having us.

Bill: Okay. Varsity coach Elizabeth Blackburn. Thanks a lot.

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