Beauty queen wields wrench to help grandpa

Beauty queen wields wrench to help grandpa

GAYLORD – Fayth Sanom admits that she is a very goal-oriented person. The senior at Gaylord High School won the Alpenfest queen competition in July and is also a gymnast and cheerleader.

Soon, she may be able to add auto mechanic to her list of accomplishments.

For the past four years, Fayth has helped her grandfather, Pat Sanom, in his repair shop (Affordable Auto Repair) in Gaylord. In June, a deer knocked Pat off his motorcycle and after taking a little more than two weeks to recover from his injuries, he returned to business.

“She learned about the shop and after (the accident in June), I really needed help,” Pat said. “Her coming in and helping me made a big difference.”

Pat was on his way to work when a doe ran out of the woods and broadsided him, knocking him off the motorcycle. He suffered broken ribs, lacerations to the liver and a collapsed right lung.

“I’m about 75 percent (recovered) now,” he said. “One of the issues I had involved my strength. It’s hard for me to lift things, pick things up and move them around. Believe me, Fayth is strong enough to help me.”

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Fayth said working on vehicles in the business is very fulfilling and plays to one of her strengths.

“I’m a very goal-oriented person and that fits well with what I do in the store,” she said. “It’s very fulfilling to take something apart, make a repair and then put it all back together. Recently I learned about working on a car engine.”

When Fayth visited Pat in the hospital, she knew it was time to step up and help.

“I knew he had to take care of business, so I decided I would come in and help him,” she said.

Winning the Alpenfest queen’s title is an example of how Fayth pursues a goal.

“I admit I was a little unprepared for the competition,” she said, realizing she needed to organize and focus.

“I practiced my speech with my mother and I walked around in high heels in my pajamas so I could get used to them,” Fayth recalls. She also won the talent competition by performing a gymnastics routine.

Excited about her senior year at Gaylord High School, Fayth intends to graduate, attend college and continue her cheerleading. Ultimately, she wants to enroll in law school and become a lawyer.

“I see her skills and it’s impressive. She’s very determined,” Pat said.

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