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Have you noticed all the “like” throwing motions that Chris Simms talks about? I think the receivers ignored Trevor enough that he didn’t trust them to be in the right place. What did you say?

I confess I didn’t hear Chris Simms of Pro Football Talk recently discussing Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s throwing motion “fault.” I didn’t hear this on purpose; I don’t listen to everything every NFL analyst has to say about the Jaguars, not even famous analysts like Simms. I didn’t know that Lawrence had the best move in football history. I think there is a flaw. But I didn’t see anything in Lawrence’s movement last season that made me wonder if he was anywhere near the point where he couldn’t play at a high level. The best overall plan when analyzing Lawrence may be to wait until the end of the 2022 season — or at least until some games are played that season. It’s hard to imagine the turmoil going on in this team last season that didn’t take a toll on him on some level. How much does it affect him? How would it be in a normal situation? How will he look in the future? Who knows? But let’s give him at least a few games this season. At this point, we will have a better understanding of his flaws and his ultimate abilities.

Johnny from Westside, East Palatka and Navy

The NFL measures first downs, but how many times is the ball misplaced (if only by a few inches) on, say, second-and-six, which (by a dit of those few inches) results in the first down or turn on the downs later in this drive? Is the same attention paid to placement on every game? Sometimes (I’m just watching TV) it appears the ball has been placed in danger. Gratitude.

Officials place the ball for more than 100 plays per game for every NFL game every season. Every place does not fit an inch. This does not mean the ball is placed in danger. It means it is impossible to be perfect to the inch on every game. Does this sometimes result in missing the start later on the list? I think so. Not every game can be judged down to the inch. There are human elements to sports. It is published by people and run by people. It’s the nature of the game.

Just a shout out to you and the entire Jax media team. The depth and quality of photography is the first priority. I look forward to the regular O-Zone and all the weekly podcasts, Driving Time, Happy Hour, Huddle Up, Jaguars Reporters and all the Podcasts. For a Jags fan who lives far away, photography helps me get news. Thumbs up to all!

The Jaguars have been bad for a while. They’ve been really bad – the worst team in the NFL – for the last two seasons. So yes…the Jaguars have been drinking in recent times. This is true for many reasons. My feeling is that the Jaguars are doing things right with Doug Pederson as head coach. My feeling is that he is the right person for this job. My feeling is that Lawrence is the right quarterback and he will start to show it this season. If these two things are true, the Jaguars won’t drink anymore. Stay with us.

KOAF – According to Wikipedia: In 2015, while with the Kansas City Chiefs, following a 1-5 start, Andy Reid gave Pederson a game call. The Chiefs are on a winning streak in their last 10 games. This win made Pederson the head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles for the next season. It looks like the Chiefs season is headed for the iceberg before Pederson right the ship! That’s a pretty impressive statistic! Do you know if these 10 games represent his entire calling history?

Those 10 games don’t represent Pederson’s entire call history. He also called games as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 2016-2020.

Region, in this football situation, I thought I would recommend you a video and your hungry fans. ESPN’s 30 of 30: Who Killed the USFL. It’s on YouTube. A little old, but well done and very interesting. Have you seen?

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

Isn’t this Jawaan Taylor’s contract year? If so, could that lead to his willingness (or lack thereof) to move to a different position?

Taylor, a tight end and second-round pick of the Jaguars in the 2019 NFL Draft, is actually entering the fourth and final season of his rookie contract. Two thoughts on the willingness (or lack thereof) of moving to a different position. One: Taylor is currently expected to compete with second-year veteran Walker Little at right and there is far from any guarantee that Taylor won’t win this tournament. Therefore, there is no guarantee that he will be asked to move positions. Second: While Taylor said after last season that he didn’t want to go back to guard, he was asked this day after a long and difficult time. To point out that as Taylor is completely and forever disbelieving her moves may be going too far. My guess is that if he doesn’t get the right tackle job and the Jaguars want him to move, it’s likely he will move. He might not like it, but he might do it. Maybe that’s wrong. We will see.

Big O, what are your general thoughts on how the players, coaches, and administrators in the NFL view the fans? Do you think they understand that the fans are the real reason the NFL exists to play, coach and work – often for a lot of money? I ask because there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding directed at fans by some stakeholders in this league. Maybe we deserve it; Fans will make fans, after all. But it doesn’t seem to make good business sense to explain this misunderstanding. I don’t know. Maybe it adds drama. In your interview on your podcast with Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke recently I learned that he sees himself above the fans in some way. To be fair, there was a massive campaign to take the man’s job, but still.

I don’t get the sense from Baalke that he values ​​himself above the fans. I know that any general manager has to separate himself from worrying about what the fans and viewers think to do these jobs properly. As the old NFL saying goes, “Those general managers and coaches who care about what the fans think will stay with them sooner or later.” Or something like that. This does not mean that fans, players and coaches do not understand the importance of fans. It means you can’t do your job properly if you care about what the fans think and say.

You recently wrote that Jamal Agnew should see “spot action” only in 2022. I see, however, that he is the third highest receiver in the team behind Marvin Jones Jr. and Christian Kirk. Shouldn’t he be contributing to the offense in 2022, or because our defense will improve so much he will have more punts to return instead of looking at kickoffs on his own for touchdowns so he needs to be fresh?

I think Agnew will contribute on offense in 2022. He will probably do so very well. I think the Jaguars receivers will improve and stay healthy so he will be used a lot there and a lot on the return. We will see.

To be clear, I think there is only a small gain in the winning group and I agree that your idea of ​​six to eight wins seems correct, but last year really had something? I mean for any team, not just the Jags. NFL teams aren’t real teams anymore, just new collections of talent and leaders. By this time…. I will not be shocked at 13-4 or 4-13 either.

A matter of fact. At the same time, this team had the NFL’s worst record in two consecutive seasons. It’s reasonable to want to see the Jaguars win seven or eight games before projecting that. Also: Lawrence must show that he is progressing to the level that he and the team expect. If he shows that early in the season, who knows what this team can achieve? If it takes time…

Zone, why are you talking about next season like next season? John, the year is 2022 and the time is 2022, which means this is the time. Did you get it?

You can be right about this. Maybe I’ll change. I probably won’t. I am stubborn like that sometimes.

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Quelle langue Dragostea din tei ?

Dragostea din tei (pronounced : [ËdraÉ¡osteÌạ din Ëtej]), ou DDT, est une chanson du groupe moldave O-Zone, chantée en roumain. On the same subject : Jaguars 2022 OTAs: Day 7 of Camp. Let the title show, mot à mot, “L’amour venu du tilleul”, qui n’a pas vraiment de sens.

What language does O-Zone sing in? The Romanian-Moldovan pop-up group O-Zone has topped the charts in many Western European countries, following other Eastern European music acts such as the Russian “gay” group or the girls. Romanian Cheeky Girls.

Which country is O-Zone from?

The originChisinau, Moldova
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