Want to be an LA Rams cheerleader? We’ve got you covered

Want to be an LA Rams cheerleader? We've got you covered

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – With another Los Angeles Rams preseason underway, a new team of cheerleaders will also take to the field.

But it took a long and grueling two weeks to find the right men and women for the 2022 season, attracting over 300 candidates to apply.

“I’m feeling very nervous, but I’m also very excited,” said Madison, a newcomer from Garden Grove. “I’ve been watching the Rams dance team for a while now, and I love every aspect of the team.”

Goodbye Zoom and making dance videos. This time, trials were conducted in person, bringing a sigh of relief and normalcy to many.

“This was the first time we were in person in two years,” said Keely Fimbres, director of cheerleaders and mascot. “You have the ability to feel the other dancers and learn about the other dancers, the choreographers and the judges.”

After the first audition and semi-finals, over 70 hopefuls moved on to the next round, which included four dance rehearsals, group interviews and a final audition.

They are all in pursuit of a pro cheerleader spot with the Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams.

“I was like, this is not a dream. I made the playoffs for an NFL team in Los Angeles,” said Jessica, a freshman from Orange.

“Very scary just knowing that you might not make it back,” said West Hollywood rookie returnee Tara. “Try to do the best I can. Just put your best foot forward.”

“I was in shock. I was honestly shocked to find out I made the finals,” said Jan, a returning rookie and newcomer from Van Nuys.

After two choreographed dances and a short introduction in front of judges, 29 dancers were announced as the 2022 Los Angeles Rams cheerleading team.

“It was really hard for me to get through one more year, but this is one of the best experiences that a person can go through,” said Jordyn, a newcomer from Newport Beach.

While applications for this season have closed, be on the lookout for next year’s tryouts right here: www.therams.com/cheerleaders.

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How much does a NBA floor sweeper make?

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How much are NBA court sweepers paid? NBA floor cleaner salary in 2022 Each team has a different salary scale for their employees. However, the NBA floor skater’s annual salary is $80,000 per year. The figure could also rise to $100,000 depending on education and experience.

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Cheerleading is physically demanding; in fact, it can be tougher than some varsity sports. See the article : Andy Walker not a ‘Celtic fan’ as Sky pundit reacts to social media abuse. That’s because cheerleaders have to be as strong and flexible as gymnasts, as graceful as dancers, and have the lung capacity of a runner.

Can anyone be a cheerleader? Cheerleading is not a sport for everyone, even if it seems like anyone can jump in and get involved. This sport requires different skills, especially when it comes to jumps, stunting and tumbling.

What is the best age to become a cheerleader?

Ages 10-15 are a great age range to start cheerleading. Athletes may practice with children younger or older than them, which can help develop social skills and foster teamwork and cooperation. See the article : NFL World reacts to Cowboys cheerleaders locker room video. Just like the final age group, cheerleaders should first decide if they want to cheerleading as a hobby or in competition.

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