Elementary school teacher encourages kids as rookie cheerleader ROAR

Elementary school teacher encourages kids as rookie cheerleader ROAR

St. John County teacher inspires kids in her classroom by achieving her dream of becoming a ROAR Cheerleader

He’s known for his enthusiasm in the classroom, and now he’s bringing that spirit to the field.

For years, Erin Neely had a dream of becoming a cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“I started dancing when I was 5, and from there I kept up and went to art school,” Neely said.

Growing up on the First Coast, she always watched her teachers participate in dance circles.

“I always thought that one day it would be really cool to have an experience like they did,” Neely said.

Now a rookie on the ROAR Cheerleading team, Neely dances to the beat between acts and during each halftime show.

But whenever he’s off the court, he’s teaching a class of second-graders.

“My students and I talk a lot about goals and you know those goals are set and that’s always been my goal,” Neely said.

“It’s a great experience to be able to teach students who are the same age as me when I realized that this is a dream for me.”

As a hometown professional dancer, she inspires her students in the classroom every day.

With a monumental 25th season for the franchise, Neely says ROAR has a few things up its sleeve.

“There will definitely be surprises,” Neely said. “Definitely some music and choices and routines, things like that that are brought back from the past.”

Neely says she will continue to encourage students to dream big and achieve their goals.

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