Here’s The Woman Who Was Nicknamed ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ In Season 15

Here's The Woman Who Was Nicknamed 'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' In Season 15

Kelli and Judy “did it”: There is a brand new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders team.

During tonight’s Season 15 finale, the unprecedented quarantine bubble training camp – which included the elimination of shocking veterans, a likely false-positive COVID-19 test and a hurricane scare – came to an end with rookies Marissa, Sydney, McKenzie, Jada, Elli, Darian, Jessica, Dani, Claire, Armani and Alora-Rose join the veterans. The final 36 were unveiled at AT&T Stadium – with a twist in 2020.

“Because we are not allowed to be on the turf during the day of the game, we film the entire autograph before a game so our fans will see our feature performance on our HD 60 yard board,” Kelli said of the NFL COVID-19 protocols and how they affected this group.

After naming the triangle and handing out new/worn costumes (courtesy of stadium ambassador Phil Whitfield), the dancers had just ONE day to perfect the routine (and their first and last chance to perform). And, of course, the girls nailed it — and were “confident” and “dynamite.”

“To be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, it’s something I’ve worked so hard for my whole life,” reflected newbie Armani. “Having to overcome so many obstacles. Mum always says you say no if you don’t try. So just trying is the most important thing for me.”

Speaking of parenting, the uniqueness of this year without loved ones made Judy particularly emotional.

“Every other year, they’ve had the moment with their families present, getting to do the signature dance,” he said. “Their families don’t get to share this moment. I hate to be emotional about it. But I felt we had to stand up for all mothers and fathers.”

All together now: “One, Two, Three, DCC!”

What do you think of this DCC team? And who do you hope will return next year? Sound off, then stay with CMT News for more updates.

Who is the prettiest cheerleader?

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Can an NFL player date a cheerleader?

As for their personal lives, they are encouraged not to “intimidate” players and players and cheerleaders are advised not to date each other. However, there are those who go against this guideline. See the article : Dallas Cowboys to host Fantasy Football Fest at The Star In Frisco Saturday. Plenty of players and cheerleaders are hooked, dating and a few are married.

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