Jenna Bush Hager Tells Health Journey Inspired in Halloween Costumes

Jenna Bush Hager found inspiration to embark on a fitness journey from an unlikely source: her Halloween costume.

The Today host, 40, told Entertainment Tonight that she was inspired to step up her fitness routine after she was chosen to dress up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for a Today Halloween segment.

“I’ve got to tell you, when your boss says you’re going to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader — and I grew up in Dallas — guess what? You try to get in shape,” she said.

Hager and her co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, donned the iconic outfits for Halloween 2021, when the Today staff dressed up in an NFL-inspired group costume. Hager and Guthrie, 50, were joined by real Dallas cheerleaders when they performed a short spot with the pros.

A brief stint as a dancer inspired Hager to explore similar exercises, she told ET.

“I keep going,” she said, referring to her exercise routine. “It was about time. I had three kids. My youngest is two years old. It’s just kind of a progression of getting back into fighting shape.”

Hager, who is married to Henry Hager, has two-year-old son Hal and daughters Margaret “Mila” Laura (8) and Poppy Louise (6).

To help her stay in “fighting shape,” Hager told ET she works out with the former New York Knicks dancer.

“I have friends who meet with me a few days a week in my building and I work out with this amazing woman who was a Knicks dancer,” she said. “So, yeah. There’s dancing. There [are] abs, which honestly [I] didn’t have abs before we started doing them, but I found one little abs down there.”

Hager previously opened up about her health journey in January, when she told Today host Hoda Kotb that she found a new fitness routine that fits her lifestyle.

“I think I’ve figured out what works for me,” she said, before explaining that she’d been working out with a trainer for months.

“I think the difficult thing is that we expect things to happen overnight,” Hager said at the time. “It’s actually been almost six months.”

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The Today presenter said she trained with an “awesome woman called Amanda” and was sometimes joined by friends who woke up “at the crack of dawn” to get going for a “hard workout”.

Still, she emphasized the importance of patience while waiting for the results of the workout, telling Kotb, “Here’s the other thing: Anyone who’s either gained weight during the pandemic or had kids and gained weight, it just takes time and you have to give yourself grace, because my body is more no 18.”

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