Meet 2 members of the Philadelphia Eagles 2020 cheerleading squad

Meet 2 members of the Philadelphia Eagles 2020 cheerleading squad

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – We’re not sure how football will play out this season, but the Philadelphia Eagles are still hoping to give fans plenty of reasons to cheer.

They held virtual tryouts for their cheerleading squad, welcoming eight new members.

Cristina Rosano just graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, as a doctor of optometry and will be trading her lab coat for a pom pom on Sunday.

“This is literally a dream come true,” Rosano told Action News. “I grew up as a dancer, and I used to go to Eagles games with my dad, watching the cheerleaders on the sidelines always wishing I could be one of them. So when I tried this year and went through my cut. It was like, ‘OMG it happened it happened!'”

This happened to Dr. Kyle Kammerle, too.

A physical therapist and adjunct professor, he never imagined hanging up his stethoscope on a weekend for something like this.

“I honestly think that accessibility, being online, and being able to record yourself on your own time, is the only reason why I do it,” Kammerle said.

These two, can dance, and can also make a difference in the lives of their patients at the same time.

“I think a lot of times you silo people in a box in their career,” Kyle said. “We can be these analytical scientific people, in the medical field, but also have this incredible gray area which is this creative, artistic side, doing things like dance, and that can exist together.”

Cristina added, “I want to prove to people, young boys and young girls, you can do everything! Set out for higher education, lawyer, doctor, then shoot for your dreams too, become an NFL cheerleader. All! There is no ceiling! “

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How old do you have to be to be a NFL cheerleader?

How old do you have to be to be a NFL cheerleader?

Age: For most squads, the minimum age is 18. Ages range from 18 to 42. To see also : LOVE WINS: Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Says ‘Yes’ To Surprise Proposal During Final Game Of Season. The average age of an NFL cheerleader is 25.

Is it hard to be an NFL cheerleader? Being a professional cheerleader is truly rewarding and unforgettable. A prestigious position (not to mention thousands of women auditioning for a limited, coveted spot) and takes a lot of commitment, hard work, and preparation on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

How do you become a NFL cheerleader?

What are the minimum qualifications for a tryout? You must be 18 by May 1, 2021 to try. You must also have a high school diploma or GED. On the same subject : Jacksonville Jaguars sports team photo calendar photo at Universal Studios. You must also have a part-time job, a full-time job, be a full-time student, or have a family.

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What is the top cheerleader called?

The flyer position in cheerleading goes by many names, including monter, top, climber or floater. See the article : How to Become an NFL Cheerleader. Regardless of what you call it, this position refers to someone being lifted or thrown into the air.

What does top girl mean in cheerleading? High girls, or flyers, are those who are lifted and thrown in the air during stunts. They energetically twist and flip mid-air, put confidence in their language and spotters to safely catch them.

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