O-Zone: Wise man, wise man

O-Zone: Wise man, wise man

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to the point …

My recollection is that the NFL typically doesn’t schedule preseason games with teams that will play against each other in the regular season. We will play in Las Vegas in early November. This completely changes the game plan for the Hall of Fame game to total vanilla or it would have been vanilla anyway no matter who we play with and the two teams will look so different in November, there is no competitive advantage for either team. earned in early August?

You’re right that the NFL typically doesn’t schedule preseason games between regular season opponents – and in fact the Jaguars will play against the Las Vegas Raiders in the preseason opening Hall of Fame Game on August 4 and in a regular season game. November 2022. The Hall of Fame game is different from the regular preseason because the league tries to bring teams into play with a connection to that year’s Hall of Fame class. The Jaguars are there this year in part because Tony Boselli will become the first former Jaguars player to be anointed this year, and former Raiders Cliff Branch and Richard Seymour will also be consecrated this year. I wouldn’t worry much about game planning one way or another in this one, though. Preseason games, especially preseason openings, are really so mundane that neither team will gain or lose much in terms of preparation for the regular season game. I expect the owners of each team to play sparingly in early August, and neither team will do much in terms of game planning for the opponent. Think glamorous scrimmage. By November, most will be forgotten.

You’ve stated that you think the Jags could be a seven-win team this year. That’s a little more than the four to five wins of most other analysts. I’m curious when you look at their schedule how many games you see where it could go either way and aren’t sure if you predict a win or a loss. How many scheduled games do you see in the last few minutes or minutes before a clear winner emerges?

This is the NFL. Most games go into the final minutes. If the Jaguars have improved, most of the scheduled matches fall into this category.

O-man, I read an article that said Jaguars right guard Brandon Scherff was one of the NFL’s top 3 internal linemen. Since we haven’t seen him play yet, what does a top 3 internal lineman look like from a performance standpoint compared to an average internal lineman?

Over the years, I haven’t been a fan of most of our drafts. I thought a couple were pretty special on draft day, but they were full of discontents and divas and now I’m ex Jag. However, the drafts of last year and this year can change the program. We need them to be good enough to justify a second contract and we want to play here. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. I think we can win this year and we have to do it if the two things I mentioned start happening here. I see five future All-Pros (quarterback Trevor Lawrence, running back Travis Etienne Jr., safety Andre Cisco, outside linebacker Travon Walker and linebacker Devin Lloyd with defensive tackle Foley Fatukasi and also linebacker Chad Muma who plays high level). Not to mention that they probably all do All-Pro, only that their game is worth considering

You summed it up well. Jaguars for the most part haven’t drawn well enough in the past decade. On many occasions when they drafted good players, those players actually weren’t big boys in the locker room. The last two drafts still have the feeling of being able to change the course of the franchise, even with Fatukasi being a free agent rather than a selection draft. Good news: If the players you list are as good as you hope, the Jaguars will be one of the best teams in the NFL. If everyone is fine, this team will be much improved. The last two drafts are key, and their development will be a key storyline in the next season or two.

O-Z-Wan Kenobi – Remember when, on a flight home from a game, Terrance Knighton ordered “Pot Roast” and everyone started calling it Pot Roast? It was fun. Speaking of Terrance Knighton, I see he is now on the coaching staff of the Carolina Panthers! Do you think, as a seasoned veteran, his meat and potato training style will help strengthen Carolina’s defensive line?

Forced food references aside, I think Knighton – a Jaguars defensive tackle from 2009 to 2012 – could be a good NFL coach. He was an engaging personality while he was with the Jaguars and I could see him being able to connect with the players. It would be nice to see him have a second managerial career. Well with him.

Referring to Bill from the Springfield VA question about a franchise quarterback who drastically changed a team? Drew Brees going to the Saints. They were a fire in a dumpster until he showed up in combination with Sean Payton. After that it was 15 years of consistent victories. I know they didn’t draft it, but it has to be at or near the top of the list for that question.

I answered this recent question by thinking about enlisted quarterbacks. If I had thought of quarterbacks acquired by other means, Brees and the New Orleans Saints would certainly have been at the top or near the top of the list.

I’m almost tired of hating you. When I feel like this, I lie down and walk away.

Is it true that after a team scores a touchdown, technically the non-scored team can decide who gets the ball next? Also, will we ever see a drop kick in the NFL again? How about O-stradamus?

This is true in the Canadian Football League, where a team that allows a touchdown can choose to kick off or receive the next kickoff. But under Rule 11, Section 3, Article 4 of the NFL rules, the defending team during the Event (point after) receives the next kick-off. As for the drop kick in the NFL, the last one I remember came when Doug Flutie, who was then playing for the New England Patriots, successfully converted a drop kick for an extra point. This was in the 2005 regular season finale against the Miami Dolphins, Flutie’s last regular season NFL game. I’m sure we’ll see one again someday, again as a gimmick. There’s really no competitive reason to try one.

I think a lot of Jags fans are understandably pessimistic about the state of the franchise. I feel like I am constantly seeing teams doing a total of 180 degrees quite often due to the transcendence of some young players ranging from second to fourth year. Houston when quarterback Deshaun Watson hit year 2. The Los Angeles Chargers when quarterback Justin Herbert blew up. Even the Cleveland Browns when quarterback Baker Mayfield hit year 2. And he doesn’t even have to be just a quarterback. However, it seems most fans are HOPING quarterback Trevor Lawrence can make the leap. It was the best damn prospect in a decade thrown in a chipper. We should EXPECT him to dazzle in Year 2. And Travis Etienne Jr.’s running back by being a Pro Bowl game breaker isn’t that great. And 1st overall player and 1st defender in the draft should be favorites for DROY. Cisco would have been a first round if he stayed healthy. Along with the offensive contrast Walker Little. Josh Allen may still end up wearing a gold jacket. Cornerback Tyson Campbell was sensational in the final weeks of his rookie season. Christian Kirk is still nearing his peak and no longer has to steal targets from Hopkins / Fitzgerald / Ertz, etc. Every team in our division has major flaws. I don’t think it’s a year too soon. There is no need to pump up breaks. There is no reason to say that Tennessee or Indy are distant favorites. Let’s take this Mr. Funk bread. Here we go. Obtain. This. Bread.

I’m almost done reading Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson’s book, Fearless. He talks a lot about how much he enjoys having the physicist in his training camps. Do you think we will probably see it, that it would be so different from what we have seen during the OTAs?

I expect Pederson’s Jaguars Training Camp 2022 to be very physical in the beginning and to decline as the field continues. There is very little comparison between the retreat and the team activities organized for any team. The training camp involves multiple practices with full contact and padded work. No such work is allowed in OTAs.

I have to say that Gary of St. Augustine makes a lot of good points.

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