Ryan Reynolds seeks football advice for Wrexham AFC from David Beckham

Ryan Reynolds seeks football advice for Wrexham AFC from David Beckham

Find us bigger Wrexham AFC fans than Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, we challenge you.

The stars recently visited the team’s grounds to show their support after purchasing the Welsh club in 2020.

Ryan and Rob bought the club from the Supporters Trust for £2 million and have since been followed by Disney+ cameras to document their quest to take Wrexham globally in a new documentary, Welcome To Wrexham, which includes behind-the-scenes footage and access.

It’s safe to say that the actors took a very hands-on approach when it comes to running and supporting the club, as seen in the latest photos of them on the pitch.

Deadpool star Ryan took to Instagram to share a series of photos of the duo at the venue, including them sitting in the stands and proudly holding a Wrexham scarf.

“Arrived to church on time,” he captioned the post to his 44.8 million followers, with Rob later sharing a chilling video for his story of fans singing and singing before a match.

While he’s a proud father of the football team, Ryan isn’t afraid to admit he doesn’t know everything, recently revealing that he’s leaning on legend, David Beckham, for advice.

The 45-year-old said he’s been trying to leverage the former Manchester United player’s football knowledge, and we couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to help him out.

With nothing but praise for Becks, Ryan shared: ‘He’s possibly the nicest guy on planet Earth – what’s not to love about him?

“He’s a nice guy, very generous with his time.”

The Hollywood star has also been obsessed with the sport since he bought the team.

Ryan – who is married to actress Blake Lively – is even organizing his time around the Wrexham games.

He told the BBC: “Hate to say this, but I’m so obsessed with this sport now that I really hate this sport.

“Like, I wish it didn’t occupy all my thoughts, so I’m living Saturday for our Saturday match.

“I’ve figured it out, because I’m going to be away from home, scheduling appointments so I don’t get interrupted, so I can focus on Wrexham. It is very cool.’

Earlier this month, Ryan revealed that he and now-business partner Rob have really developed their friendship on social media.

During a joint appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ryan shared that he ‘slipped’ into Rob’s DMs after seeing him on an episode of It’s Always Sunny.

“He did something that was absolutely spectacular. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It was a dance sequence, it was all black and white and the rain, I genuinely, was probably, pound for pound, the most beautiful, beautifully filmed and executed three minutes I’ve ever seen on television,” he said.

“And as I get older, I’m thinking, I have to tell people when I appreciate them the most. So I followed you on social media and I DMed you and said, “What I just saw on your show was spectacular!”.’

Their friendship only got stronger, though Ryan’s wife Blake wasn’t all that impressed when he invested in Wrexham and the couple is “still working on it”.

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Why did Ryan Reynolds buy Wrexham?

Why did Ryan Reynolds buy Wrexham?

There was really no grand plan behind the Wrexham purchase. It was just a sensation. See the article : Victoria named the Cover Girl of the 2017 Calendar." Of course, there’s still plenty of room for fan theories. The same young fan adopted his and his father’s idea that it was because Wrexham and Deadpool’s primary color is red, something Reynolds readily agrees with.

Why did Ryan Reynolds buy Wrexham? There wasn’t really any big plan behind the Wrexham purchase. It was just a feeling.” Of course, there’s still plenty of room for fan theories, something Reynolds readily agrees with.

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