The Veazie 5k honors the legacy of Bangor City Councilwoman Sarah Dubay

The Veazie 5k honors the legacy of Bangor City Councilwoman Sarah Dubay

VEAZIE, Maine (WABI) – A group of runners set their times early Saturday morning for a 5K at Veazie.

It was in honor of Sarah Dubay, a Bangor City Councilor who passed away nine months ago at the age of 46.

Funds from the race will go to recovery groups in the area.

Sarah is remembered by friends and family for her leadership, compassion, and caring nature.

“She would be one of the biggest cheerleaders. She would be here at the finish line yelling and yelling at people crossing the line because she was a cheerleader. That was how he worked, that was his life,” said race organizer and friend of Sarah, Mark Leonard.

Organizers plan to continue the race in Sarah’s honor for years to come.

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