Cam Newton calls K’Von Wallace ‘Glitter’ after Patriots root Eagles: ‘Cheerleaders usually have glitter o

Cam Newton calls K'Von Wallace 'Glitter' after Patriots root Eagles: 'Cheerleaders usually have glitter o

New England Patriots’ Cam Newton watches the second half of a preseason NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)AP

Cam Newton got the last laugh on the field and the last stab at the podium Thursday night.

During joint practice Tuesday, Eagles running back K’Von Wallace repeatedly chided Newton from the sideline, calling him “the king of checkdowns.”

“I had to let him know like, ‘Not only are you throwing checkdowns, you’re doing it over and over like you’ve mastered it, like you’re the king of it,'” Wallace said, via . “I had to let him know, ‘You’re the king of checkdowns.’ But any way you can get in the quarterback’s head, that’s the best approach.”

Newton certainly heard it – and got his revenge.

With the Eagles resting a number of their starters, Wallace was on the field at the same time as Newton in the first quarter of Thursday night’s 35-0 win over Philadelphia. In zone coverage, Jakobi Meyers dunked past Wallace and Newton fired a strike that took him past the defensive back and into the end zone for a touchdown.

After the game, Newton was asked about Wallace’s comments during the week. The Patriots quarterback pretended they didn’t know him by name and asked for his number. When a reporter told him it was No. 42, Newton interjected.

“Oh, it’s Glitter,” Newton said. “Sparkling.”

Wait. Newton called him “Glitter”. Why?

“He cheered a lot on the sidelines,” Newton cracked. “Cheerleaders usually wear glitter.”

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