The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders coach combines faith and fitness

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders coach combines faith and fitness

Dallas – Another workout from Jay Johnson is nothing serious. As a veteran and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, health and fitness are in his blood.

He said that for the past 40 years, food and nutrition have been an important part of his life. As a professional trainer, his activities stem from his military background.

“It’s not as easy as it seems, because I’ve got a balance on you,” Johnson said. “What you are doing is competing with yourself.”

Johnson spoke to the customer. (Special Report 1/Robin Richardson)

Johnson claims that his love for the military stems from his childhood.

“I joined the military and went through military training,” Johnson said. “I went to Korea and I loved it. I loved that the training was hard. I was built for it. My father was a trainer. If I could have signed up for 40 years as a 17-year-old, I would have!”

His lifestyle combined with faith is what led him to start a new company, “Shirin Fitilawan.”

“It’s really about fitness and fitness,” Johnson said. “We use scripture to inspire and change lives.”

Johnson trains clients. (Special Report 1/Robin Richardson)

Johnson believes that there is scripture and biblical evidence to support the idea that the food you put in your body is important and exercise is essential to a healthy life.

“The Bible deals with everything in our lives including, yes, nutrition and self-control,” Johnson said.

It turns out it’s a simple way to live and it’s just about being wise about what you eat and do.

Johnson concluded that it’s not actually motivation, but discipline and self-control that will lead you to success.

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When was Brandi Redmond a DCC?

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Which class of DCC is dead? Unfortunately, Meagan died of leukemia in March 2016. To date, she is the only candidate to make it to training camp three times and has never made the team.

Who is the oldest DCC cheerleader?

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