Chiranjeevi turns cheerleader for Ram Charan’s son and Allu Arjun as both groove in the 90s and it’s vibe!

Chiranjeevi turns cheerleader for Ram Charan's son and Allu Arjun as both groove in the 90s and it's vibe!

One of the best dancers in the country, actor Chiranjeevi is gearing up for the debut of his new Telugu film, Kum. Chiranjeevi could be seen supporting his son Ram Charan and Allu Arjun as they danced like kids in an old video that just surfaced on social media. Chiranjeevi, who was delighted, pushed his son to dance and cheered happily in the background.

Both Ram Charan and Allu Arjun can be seen swaying to the music in the video, which reportedly dates back to the 1990s. Sitting behind the children, Chiranjeevi can be seen wearing a green T-shirt and black shorts. Ram Charan is dressed in black pants and a purple turtleneck with a hood. Chiranjeevi is heard calling him Ram Charana and urging him to shake his leg. “Charan, come, come, come…” He said. He also imitated Charan’s walk from behind, giving the audience a rare sight.

In 1980, Chiranjeevi married Surekha Konidala. They are the parents of Sushmitha, Sreeja Konidela and Ram Charan. Ram Charan recently spoke to Bollywood Bubble and was quizzed about the same video. He stated: “They forced me to dance. They pushed me. They said: ‘You dance too, you dance too’. I didn’t want that video to come out.”

The Telugu version of the Malayalam hit Lucifer, God Father is currently in production and Chiranjeevi is eagerly awaiting its release. Salman Khan is making his Telugu film debut in the Mohan Raja directed film with a long cameo.

Acharya, Chiranjeevi’s latest film, was a huge flop. Koratala Siva was the director of the film and Ram Charan also appeared in it. In Acharya, a middle-aged Naxalite-turned-social reformer takes over the Endowments Department in an effort to stop the theft of donations and finances from temples. Apart from this, he is gearing up to release two more Telugu projects.

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