Canadian filmmaker shows the dark side of being an NFL cheerleader

Canadian filmmaker shows the dark side of being an NFL cheerleader

January 27, 2021 • January 27, 2021 • 1 minute reading • 6 comments

A new documentary from a Canadian director shows the dark side of being an NFL cheerleader.

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A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem – available in the US to stream via PBS – doesn’t make America’s biggest sports league particularly good.

One of the stories told in the film, which ended in 2019, is that of Maria Pinzone, who started working for the Jills, the Buffalo Bills supporters, in 2012.

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She details all unpaid hours of community work in addition to non-stop practice time and notes how she had to pay hundreds of dollars for her uniform and was only paid US $ 105 for over 800 hours of work.

Pinzone quit his job in 2013 and saw a lawyer, according to the Guardian. His lawsuit is dealt with in the film by director Yu Gu, who grew up in Vancouver.

Pinzone and four other cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against the Jills, their managers and the Bills in 2014. Another 10 cheerleading teams would later bring their own lawsuits.

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The other subject of the film, Lacy Thibodeaux-Fields, a former Oakland “Raiderette,” filed a class action lawsuit in 2014. The film follows the two women over five years, including their legal battles.

Gu told the Guardian, it shows: “the consequences, the repercussions, of being mistreated in the workplace, of being underpaid or undervalued.”

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Thibodeaux-Fields would reach an agreement with the Raiders, but the case of Pinzone, which also involves 73 other Jills, remains ongoing. Not long after Pinzone’s lawsuit was filed, the Bills ended the Jills program after nearly five decades.

Pinzone said he hopes a deal will come soon and the Jills will be reinstated.

The Raiderettes, to their credit, changed their contract to comply with labor laws.

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