Cheerleading perfection | Local news |

Cheerleading perfection | Local news |

ANDERSON — Three teams of Anderson Invasion Champion Force Cheer recently came home with three national championships.

Two teams won national titles in Myrtle Beach and a third national crown was won in Grand Rapids.

Kaylee Cottrell is the business owner and coach, creating the cheer and accompanying music.

“I’ve been coaching the program going on for nine years,” Cottrell said. “The cheerleading business has been active for a long time.”

The Anderson facility is part of a national chain of cheerleading organizations.

Anderson Cyclone won Division 4, Anderson Shock Wave won Division 6 and Bolt won in Division 3 at the Champion Force Athletics championships.

Cottrell said there are 13 teams in seven different divisions in Anderson with over 300 kids participating.

“It’s very exciting,” she said. “We love what we do. Giving back to the youth of our community is a passion of mine.”

Cottrell said she was a cheerleader at East Side Middle School and Highland High School.

“Nine years ago, they needed a coach back then,” she said. “I checked it out and walked into something I had no idea. It’s a completely different environment than the one I grew up with and fell in love with.”

Cottrell said the programs over different things for people from different backgrounds.

“It was really amazing,” she said of winning three national championships. – It was completely unexpected. I thought we had a chance, but with cheerleading, you never know how the cake will curl up.”

Cottrell said the three teams performed at their best throughout the season.

“Our Division 6 team really had to fight for it,” she explained. “They had to perform twice and were in third place after the first day. On day two they reached the top.

“For all three teams to win was a shock,” Cottrell said.

Eighty percent of the kids who participate in the local teams are from the Madison County area, she said.

Cobie Buckingham is the vice president of Champion Force Athletics, which is based in Grand Rapids.

“My daughter comes to the Anderson program to take classes,” she said.

Buckingham said she was a gymnast at Ball State University.

“The competition has been around since the 1990s, but really took off from sideline cheerleading to competitive cheerleading,” she said. “Now we have our own cheerleaders cheering on our teams.”

Buckingham said it was phenomenal for Anderson to win three national championships.

“Kaylee runs a great program, she is so organized and creative with her routines,” she said.

Twin sisters Marlie and Morgan Holtzleiter, 16, are juniors at Daleville High School and are cheerleaders at the school and the Anderson Invasion.

“We’ve been cheering for five years,” Marlie said. “After we were third after the first day, we weren’t very nervous. I was sure we could finish first.”

Both girls always wanted to be cheerleaders and enjoyed meeting new people.

“The hardest part is meeting the new people and the competition,” Morgan said.

They both said Cottrell is an amazing coach and mentor.

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