OTAs 2022: That’s a wrap

OTAs 2022: That's a wrap

JACKSONVILLE – Doug Pederson has seen enough – of veterans, anyway.

Pederson, in his first season as the Jaguars’ head coach, on Thursday announced the end of the 2022 veteran program — with only rookies and a select few veterans now slated to enter minicamp. mandatory for next week at TIAA Bank Field. .

Thursday was the last day of the ’22 program to kill veterans.

“The veterans did it,” said Pederson, adding that the rookie-centric work next week: “It’s an opportunity for us to really work with our young players and some of the animals selected based on here’s one by one. we’ll do that next week.”

Thursday was originally scheduled to be Day 10 of the Jaguars’ ’22 Team Schedule. Pederson assembled the team Thursday morning as if they were preparing for practice before telling the players to get on the buses to Top Golf.

Pederson at the same time informed the veterans of the transition to minicamp, which will run from Monday to Wednesday at TIAA Bank Field with fewer than 30 players.

“These guys (veterans) have worked hard; they’ve earned it and they deserve it,” said Pederson, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 2016-2020. “It all depends on what they did. I have done the same thing before. At the same time, I want to see this team working together.

“It wasn’t over until the last week or so for me. We did as a staff what we needed to do.”

Pederson, who became the Jaguars’ head coach on Feb. 6, has talked all summer about being satisfied with the senior level. The volunteer program begins on April 11 with Phase 1 with Phase 2 taking place in late April and early May.

The team’s Phase 3 — OTAs and minicamp — began May 23 and consisted of nine practices, with the final three coming Monday-Wednesday this week. The team also held a three-day minicamp in late April, the week of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Pederson said the veterans were “happy” with the change.

“They worked really hard,” Pederson said. “We’ve had great attendance all summer. We had an extra three-day minicamp in April. The guys are in good places. I felt it was time to give them a little more rest before we get ready to play.”

Pederson has been vocal since taking over the job of building trust with players, saying Wednesday’s dismissal of veterans from camp “goes hand in hand” with that idea.

“It was one of the key messages on April 11 when I started with this group,” Pederson said. “We talked about the healing process, the confidence. I’ve seen this team grow from April 11th to today and how they’ve come together. We have a great group of leaders on this football team, the way they run things. appropriate.”

Pederson on Thursday also updated two injuries that occurred during Monday’s 7th OTA practice:

“We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes in the summer,” Pederson said of Beathard.

Pederson said Monday’s injury did not affect the changes in minicamp.

“We still have two out of three days to train this week after these injuries,” he said.

Pederson on Thursday spoke at a press conference that included the entire Jaguars coaching staff, the day that marked the first time many assistants from Pederson’s first Jaguars staff spoke to the media. Pederson was asked how the staff has come together in four months. “I’m very pleased with all three coordinators,” Pederson said of offensive coordinator Press Taylor, defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell and special teams coordinator Heath Farwell. “There is great communication with all three.” Pederson said he likes how the administration “handled the staff and the work of the staff, and the planning and the planning that went into putting this season together. The people are very happy. It’s good team with good communication and I’m looking forward to what’s up the road.”

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