Bees swarm the field | Heraldorepublican

Bees swarm the field | Heraldorepublican

ANGOLA — The Honeybees will gather on stage — a stage on the football field — for their annual appearance as cheerleaders for the Angola High School football game.

Rehearsals took place this week at Hendry Park Primary School. Kindergarten through second grade practiced on Tuesday and third through fifth graders practiced on Wednesday in preparation for tonight’s performance in the soccer game between the Angola Hornets and the Leo Lions.

Some of the elements the girls were introduced to during practice were right and left hand punches, high and low V movements, daggers, buckets and candlesticks and short slogans to cheer up the crowd.

“It’s a welcome, open to all elementary schools in the district,” Angola High School coach Kristin Ray said.

Students from all four district elementary schools from Carlin Park, Hendry Park, Ryan Park and Pleasant Lake participated.

Along with cheering, the girls also learned to dance and played some games before everyone gathered on Friday to cheer for the first half of the football game.

“Here they learn to become cheerleaders; they learn some basics, meet some new friends, and then they cheer all halftime for their parents to take pictures of them,” Ray said.

Ray said that even though the younger and older kids have been training separately, they will all come together and cheer on Friday. Children of different age groups were taught by the same staff, she said.

However, they will not be cheering at the same time on Friday. From the first kindergarten to the second grade, they will come out and cheer, and then the older children will also come out and cheer.

“They all learned the same material, they all know to do the same things,” Ray said.

One of the cheerleaders who volunteered at the training so that the children could learn the elements of cheerleading, Ava Herbert (18), a high school graduate in Angola, said that she also participated in those trainings as a child and that it was great.

“The elementary girls come in, and we teach them to cheer, so they can get a sense of what they want to do when they’re older, whether they want to cheer in middle school or high school,” Ava said.

She explained that the elementary school girls who participated in the exercise were called honey bees, because the mascot of the high school in Angola is the Hornet, and the name bee is only used for the exercise of young children.

“It just sounds like a younger version of a hornet,” Ava said.

She said after both sets of girls cheer for a quarter of Friday’s football game, they can decide if they like it or not. If not, “it’s only a quarter, they don’t have to do it,” Ava said.

“But if they like it, they can see if they want to cheer when they’re older,” she said.

Ava said for her that it was fun teaching the girls cheerleading and that many of them were good at catching things. If some girls like cheerleading, Angola Middle School has a cheerleading squad, Ava said.

“They just feel more about what they want to do,” Ava said.

How do you get rid of bees naturally?

How do you get rid of bees naturally?

To make a homemade vinegar solution, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Mix the solution well, then spray it on all areas where you often see bees. Read also : Philadelphia Eagles Announce 2015 Cheerleading Squad (Photos) – You can also spray the mixture directly on the bee nest, which will kill the bees inside.

What scent keeps bees away? Bees also have an aversion to lavender oil, citronella oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, lemon and lime. These are all topical defenses you can add to your skin to keep bees at bay. Unlike other flying insects, bees are not attracted to human scents; they are just curious by nature.

How do you make bees go away?

Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it on the hive, paying attention to the timing. To see also : The Reason Why 6 NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders. If you have flowers on your porch or windowsill, be sure to spray them. Additionally, spray in the general vicinity where bees tend to swarm.

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Should you remove swarm cells?

If you find swarm cells developing, you probably want to destroy them. Be sure to check each box thoroughly and get each one. This may interest you : The Atlanta Falcons cheerleader receives a surprise wedding proposal. If you miss even one, your hive will swarm.

How many swarm cells should I leave? How much royal jelly to leave? The queenless component of your swarm control needs only one queen. If it is less than that, the colony will be unable to live without further intervention of the beekeeper.

Should I get rid of swarm cells?

Giving birth is not a disaster. Things can usually be salvaged, albeit at the expense of community development and honey production. However, it should be avoided if at all possible, not least because a lost swarm can cause problems for other people.

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