Cheerleaders of Jacksonville Jaguars try their best UK accents in hilarious video

Cheerleaders of Jacksonville Jaguars try their best UK accents in hilarious video

April, Winter, Mandy and Ginger will be raising their support from the sidelines at Wembley.

They will do their jobs with pom poms as the Jaguars run into the Super Bowl winners.

April told Daily Star Online that they enjoy visiting the UK capital so much, it’s starting to feel like a second home.

He told us: “It is such a home for us, we look forward to coming to it every year.

“It feels like home, it’s like we’re back in Jacksonville, except for the weather. The fans are so pumped, we’re feeding off their energy.”

In recent years, there has been speculation in the US that Jaguars could one day move to London.

Observers say they see it as impossible to move, but add that if it goes through they would like to live and work in the capital.

Mandy said to him, “Yeah, I packed my bags, are you renting?”

And Ginger added: “I can definitely live and work here, any team that comes here, I’m more than happy. I love London.”

All four gave their best British accents.

At the end of our exclusive video, April said “I don’t know about that shit” while Mariha said “hello my name is Mariha” to their efforts. Mandy put on the voice of the Spice Girls. who, after clearly doing his homework, ended the conversation with: “Cheers partner!”The spectators spoke to us when the Jaguars held a training session at Allianz Park.

Jaguars star Dante Fowler told us: “The way you guys treat our game and love it, like we do, is great and I always look forward to coming to London.

“I watch football. It’s great, I’m very proud of the game I play and I love the pride the fans bring and the spirit the fans bring.

“That reminds you that you’re not just playing, you’re playing for the whole country, and it’s amazing that I love that.

“Wembley is really bigger, much wider, much louder, nicer.

“We have great stadiums in America too, but Wembley is a great monument.”

The Jacksonville Fairgrounds is still the perfect place to park, entertain friends and enjoy your Jaguars game day experience.

How much is beer at TIAA Bank Field?

How much is beer at TIAA Bank Field?

Food & Drink 3 The food options at TIAA Bank Field are great for a professional stadium. To see also : ARTICLE | O-Zone Podcast: Evan Engram. Drinks start at $4 for bottled water (a must-have on a hot Florida day), $5 for bottled soda or Gatorade, and $10 to $12 for bottled beer.

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Where can I park at TIAA Bank Field?

Parking LotPacking costsWalking Area
1125 Oakley St. Lot$612 minutes
639 Talleyrand Ave. Lot$1511 minutes
617 Talleyrand Ave. Lot$2010 minutes
543 Talleyrand Ave. Lot$259 minutes

What can you bring to TIAA Bank Field? All bags other than 4.5″ x 6.5″ or a small clutch, purse or clear case no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ Cameras with breakable lenses or lenses longer than six inches .Clothes containing obscene or obscene language. See the article : 2022 NFL Draft: Jaguars Cornerbacks and Safeties. .Coolers or containers, including cans, cups (except the 2021 stadium souvenir cup series)

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