Communication major and Eagles cheerleader handles midterms, media and the Super Bowl

Communication major and Eagles cheerleader handles midterms, media and the Super Bowl

Like most Philadelphians, Marissa Hill, a junior majoring in communication at Drexel University, cheered on the Eagles every step of the way to victory this year. Growing up in the suburbs outside the city, she’s been a lifelong Eagles fan (her family has had season tickets since the ’70s), so the team’s historic Super Bowl win really meant a lot to her.

Especially since she’s a cheerleader for the Eagles.

“The day of the Super Bowl was definitely the best day of my life,” Hill said. “Cheering on the pitch for a team that I am so passionate about was one of my biggest dreams that has come true. On top of that, being a part of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl was absolutely amazing. I still get chills in my body when I think about that moment and how lucky I am to have been a part of history!”

Once the Eagles won the NFC East Championships, the College of Arts and Sciences student had a week to prepare before leaving for the Super Bowl in Minnesota. And there was a lot to do to prepare: it was week five during Drexel’s winter term, which meant it was midterm week.

“During that week, I immediately approached all of my teachers and told them that I would be out of class for a week,” Hill said. “All my teachers were very understanding, but they were concerned that I was handing in homework and not showing up for midterms. So before I left, I finished as much work as I could and turned it in before I left.”

While in Minnesota, she was able to communicate with her professors via email and complete online homework and other assignments. He did schoolwork when he wasn’t on Inside Access and Access Live!

“I enjoyed spending that time with my teammates because we are all one big family and the friendships I have made on this team are irreplaceable,” he said.

After all that, it was finally time for one of the biggest events on television and, of course, the biggest game in the NFL that season.

“The football team, the cheerleaders and the fans were all united during that game hoping for a big hit,” she said.

And what a great success it was.

“When the game ended, green and white confetti in the form of Vince Lombardi trophies and streamers exploded everywhere and filled the entire stadium. It was the most incredible feeling that I will remember for the rest of my life,” Hill said. “All the Eagles fans were screaming with excitement and there were tears of joy streaming down their faces. It was such a surreal moment to see everyone around me so excited.”

That excitement hasn’t stopped. The morning after the game, Eagles fans at the airport congratulated the cheerleaders (who were “proudly representing the Eagles by wearing Eagles gear,” Hill noted). When they arrived in Philadelphia, everyone at the airport was cheering.

During the Super Bowl victory parade on February 8, all of the cheerleaders, including Hill, were in the first vehicle to kick off the parade. They were followed by coach Doug Pederson and the players, who had the Lombardi Trophy. Hill had arrived at Lincoln Financial Field at 7 a.m. m. to prepare for the parade and spent hours standing and waving to all the proud fans who were lined up. After the parade, Hill and the other cheerleaders gathered on the steps of the Art Museum to cheer on the players giving speeches, Hill said.

>“It was amazing to see all these people standing around the steps of the Art Museum,” Hill said.

There were other things Hill had to do when he got back to Philly, like make up any midterms he missed (he’d snuck into a few studios during plane rides to and from Minnesota). She attributes her time management skills and great work ethic to being able to complete assignments, and the fact that her teachers were very supportive.

Cheerleading for the Eagles has changed Hill’s life, from teaching her the importance of being a confident woman to helping her become a positive role model for girls.

“Throughout the year, the Eagles cheerleaders instruct the Eagles Junior Cheer Clinics for girls to learn dances and interact with the cheerleaders,” explained Hill. The team as a whole is also involved in charities and makes guest appearances in over 350 appearances.

Being part of the team has also helped Hill with her school performance, especially as a communications student who is interviewed by the media, both local and national, and meets with fans on a regular basis.

Although it’s been some time since he won the Super Bowl, things haven’t slowed down for Hill.

“I am currently in the audition process to re-audition for the team,” Hill said. “Every year, cheerleaders need to re-audition for the team. The 2018 team will be announced on April 19, so I look forward to being a part of the excitement of the 2018 season! And I can’t wait for what this upcoming season has in store.”

Hill has been a cheerleader for the Eagles since April 2016 and her two years on the team have been incredible, she said. She was a member of the Drexel Dance Team before trying out (and made the team on her first try) and has been dancing since she was three years old.

Hill is on the team with Sage Cifaloglio, a 2014 LeBow College of Business graduate who has been on the team for six years. DrexelNow previously featured Cifaloglio in a 2012 article when she was first part of the team and followed up the following year when she and her twin sister Gabriella, who graduated from Westphal College of Media Arts & Design in 2014, both became cheerleaders for the Eagles.

Who has won the most Super Bowl?

Who has won the most Super Bowl?

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Which individuals have the most Super Bowl rings? Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. Brady has the most Super Bowl rings with seven. He won six in his time with the New England Patriots (2001, 2002, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018) and earned his seventh last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

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  • Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots.
  • Super Bowl LII: Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots.
  • Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos.
  • Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots.
  • Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Seahawks.

Who are the last 10 Super Bowl champions?

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