Former NFL Cheerleaders Join Calls to Release Washington Football Team’s Full Investigation

Former NFL Cheerleaders Join Calls to Release Washington Football Team's Full Investigation

Former Washington football team cheerleaders have joined calls for the NFL to release the league’s full report into its work culture following the resignation of Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

Gruden resigned Monday night after the New York Times reported on a number of emails in which he used racist, misogynistic and homophobic language about league officials. The emails were among 650,000 documents investigated as part of a broader probe into the NFL’s work culture that did not directly implicate Gruden.

Among the accusations made in the New York Times story that prompted his resignation was that Gruden and several Washington Football Team officials, including the team’s former general manager Bruce Allen, had shared topless images of cheerleaders.

“Gruden exchanged emails with Allen and other men that included pictures of women wearing only bikinis, including a photo of two Washington team cheerleaders,” the Times reported.

That information spurred former Washington cheerleaders to join calls for the NFL’s full workplace culture report to be released.

The report was concluded in July, with Washington giving a fine of $10 million, but it has not been released publicly.

According to the Daily Beast, the women who had their photos shared “were left to learn about the topless photo incident in the press, nearly four months later.”

“It’s disgusting, really, to see that there is more evidence of exploitation and violation of these cheerleaders that I worked with very closely,” Melanie Coburn, a former cheerleader for the Washington Football Team told The Daily Beast.

“Now they come out wondering, ‘What the hell, it’s more than these two videos.’

“I can only imagine how they feel, and they have no voice.

“I know there’s a lot more where these emails are coming from.”

Coburn, who was the cheerleading team’s marketing director for 10 years, started a petition in February asking for the full report to be released. More than 40,000 people have now signed up.

Courtney DeYoung, a 12-year veteran of the Washington cheerleading squad, echoed calls to release the report.

“I would just say release the awful report,” he told The Daily Beast. “We’ll have some transparency, and then we’ll decide what to do moving forward.”

“Let’s stop protecting the boys’ club and just let it go.”

Monday’s indictment over lewd images of cheerleaders is the latest in a series of incidents in which former Washington cheerleaders have had their privacy violated.

The Washington Post reported last year, for example, that a video showing footage showing cheerleader changes was circulated among franchise executives in 2008.

A senior vice president referred to the video as “the good bits” from a calendar shoot.

The report accused Snyder and his lawyers of “misusing” Section 1782, alleging that they improperly cited the Indian defamation suit to justify discovery requests from people Snyder suspected of helping the investigation of the Washington Post about its football team’s toxic and sexual workplace culture.

Why are the Washington Commanders in trouble?

Why are the Washington Commanders in trouble?

Investigations of the Commanders of Washington. A congressional committee investigating widespread allegations of workplace misconduct against the Chiefs found that Daniel Snyder, the team’s owner, ordered a “shadow investigation” to interfere with an N. On the same subject : 2022 NFL Draft.F.L. investigation into sexual harassment in the team’s front office.

Why are Washington commanders under investigation? In July 2021, the NFL fined the Commanders $10 million following its investigation into the franchise’s work culture under Snyder’s ownership. Congress began its investigation soon after, in October, and is also investigating allegations from a former employee who said she was sexually harassed by Snyder in 2019.

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How much are NFL cheerleaders paid?

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Why are NFL cheerleaders paid so little?

The pay is extremely low considering the time commitment and the huge amount of revenue that NFL franchises generate – most cheerleaders are paid minimum wage, or just above. See the article : See: The Best Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Photos. On game days, they often have to arrive at the stadium four to five hours early to practice and get ready (time for which they are paid).

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