The best Texas Cowboy boots for Women

The best Texas Cowboy boots for Women

Any sartorially savvy Texan knows: cowboy boots are a perennial shoe. (Ask a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.) That being said, if the western classic was ever attributed to only one season, it was fall. When dry weather finally makes its welcome debut in Texas, it’s practically an open invitation to slip into something a bit more comfortable (aka boot socks).

If you’re looking for a fresh pair to add to your collection or just want to invest in something truly made, we’ve curated a curated selection of the best Texas cowboy boot brands for women.

Rios of Mercedes

Rios of Mercedes

The enduring brand is a bit more under the radar than your Luccheses or Tony Lamas. To see also : NFL World reacts to Cowboys cheerleaders locker room video. But for those looping in the longstanding Texas factory and its masterful craftsmen, Rios of Mercedes is a name well worth knowing—and investing in (prices hover around the $600 mark).

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Another Western stalwart, Lucchese is synonymous with high-end cowboy boots. The Texas-bred brand has countless celebrity fans (from actors and musicians to several US presidents) and is the official footwear of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. To see also : How Much Do Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Get Paid?. Although styles are sometimes produced internationally, Lucchese shoes are handcrafted by Texas artisans with prices to match and meticulous construction.

Designed in partnership with hatmaker Nick Fouquet, White Sands is inspired by the West Texas landscape.

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Miron Crosby

From a welcoming atelier in Dallas’ Highland Park Village, sisters Lizzie Means-Duplantis and Sarah Means mix the rich history of bootmaking (their cousin owns Rio de Mercedes) with unique and interesting designs and materials (such as sting rays or ostrich leather) to create a look instantly recognizable for those in the know. Read also : Game report: Jaguars 26, Colts 11.

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Rujo Boots

Every pair of Rujo boots is designed at the brand’s Dallas headquarters and handcrafted in León, Mexico, the “Cowboy Boot Capital of the World.” Time-honored authenticity lends itself to carefully crafted classics – at a reasonable direct-to-consumer price point.

Ranch Road Boots

Founded by West Texas native and former Marine Corps officer Sarah Ford, Ranch Road Boots are made in Spain with star, flower, and cactus motifs that appeal to the more daring boot wearer. Full-grain Spanish leather costs a pretty penny, but the Ranch Road Re/Booted program is a great place to find pre-loved shoes at a discount.

City Boots

Lizzy Chestnut’s style spin on the handmade cowboy boot has been a national e-commerce hit since City Boots launched in 2015. And despite the brand’s direct-to-consumer roots, those in Dallas and Fort Worth can shop for heirloom quality (handcrafted) boots. in Mexico) by appointment in Deep Ellum or along West Vickery Boulevard.

Tony Lama

With signature lizard wingtips and a century-plus family saga that shaped the boot-making industry, El Paso-based Tony Lama is a western institution for good reason. And unlike other Western brands that have been around since the late 1800s, the price point remains relatively affordable.


Austin-based Tecovas is a new player on the cowboy boot scene, but the young brand has more than proven itself with classic designs, bonafides craftsmanship (everything is hand-made in León, Mexico), and competitive, direct-to-consumer prices. .

What does wearing cowboy boots say about you?

Cowboy boots show that a man is confident in himself. These iconic shoes are a unique and powerful fashion statement that requires a strong sense of self to pull off. If a man is walking around in cowboy boots, you can rest assured he probably knows who he is.

Is it OK to wear cowboy boots every day?

When should you not wear cowboy boots?

Where You Should and Shouldn’t Wear Cowboy Boots

  • Many types of step dancing â salsa, square, etc.
  • bar.
  • Casual restaurant.
  • District/state/grange/etc. …
  • Rock and country concerts.
  • A romantic evening picnic with loved ones.
  • Comedy show (but if you sit in the front row they can say anything)

When should men wear cowboy boots?

Know When to Wear Them You can and should wear your cowboy boots any time of the year since western boots are always in fashion, regardless of the season. Wear your shoes for casual social events, family outings, or for outdoor activities.

What does it say about men who wear cowboy boots? What do cowboy boots say about men? Cowboy boots show that a man is confident in himself. These iconic shoes are a unique and powerful fashion statement that requires a strong sense of self to pull off. If a man is walking around in cowboy boots, you can rest assured he probably knows who he is.

Are cowboy boots Still in Style 2022?

It’s 2022, and the iconic Western shoe has officially outlived its utilitarian purpose as a rancher to become whatever fashion statement you want it to be, from the classic pointed black leather to the 1980s metallic boot.

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