American Fork High cheerleader paralyzed in ATV accident will be honored at football game

AMERICAN FORK, Utah – Emily Traveler is usually one to cheer, but on Friday night, the crowd was cheering her on at the American Fork High School football game.

The traveler returned to Utah after spending months at a physical therapy clinic in Colorado. She was injured in an ATV accident while having fun with friends at Little Sahara Recreation Area in April. The 17-year-old broke her neck and initially lost movement in her arms and legs.

“I couldn’t feel anything, so nothing bad, but it was also a really weird feeling, like a lot of emotions,” Emily said.

The high school cheerleader defied the odds and has now regained some movement in her arms and wrists.

On Friday night, his fight was honored by his peers in a special way. The crowd went wild as Traveler entered the field through a tunnel escorted by the captains of the football teams.

“It was just exciting! It’s great to be back,” he said. “It just reminds me how much I’m loved and it’s a good reminder.”

“It just reminds me how much I’m loved!”

At 10:00, he hears from the American Fork cheerleader who was paralyzed in an ATV accident. How her friends and classmates honored her tonight @KSL5TV

— Ashley Moser (@AshleyMoser) August 27, 2022

His family said the community cheering him on made a difference in his recovery.

“We love this community. We’ve felt it since the night of the accident,” said Kari Traveller, Emily’s mother. “Being here tonight was a big thing for her. She loves fall football games and I was proud of her because I know she would rather be in uniform.

Emily’s mother said her physical improvement has everything her daughter learned as a student-athlete.

“She just keeps pushing,” he said. “Today, he was moving from his stomach, so that’s all really, really great stuff.”

Emily will be taking online classes this fall while continuing daily physical therapy. She hopes to return to campus in person her senior year.

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