Atascadero High School cheerleaders form an all-American cheer team

Atascadero High School cheerleaders form an all-American cheer team

The six seniors are fundraising for their trip abroad, to perform in the London New Year’s Day Parade

The six seniors are fundraising for their trip abroad, to perform in the London New Year’s Day Parade

ATASCADERO — This summer, while attending cheer camp, six of Atascadero High School’s (AHS) seniors tried out and made the All-American Cheer team. See the article : Quijano: Usyk turns Josué into an animator | SUN STAR. The cheerleaders will represent AHS by performing at the London New Year’s Day Parade in London, England.

“Six of our seniors decided to try, and six of them did, which is pretty rare,” head coach April Schaefer said. “Usually they take a small percentage of your team, like two or three girls have done every year. This is the first year that all of our girls are successful. Which is pretty cool.

Cheerleaders Sydney Beeman, Emma MacKinga, Emma Blais, Nikki Hart, Cierra Savoy and Rachael Gee will travel to London from December 26 to January 3.

“They [the team] will be flying out to London and then while they’re there they can do a little tour with the Cheer Association,” Schaefer said. “They have special tours they do, but then they also practice for the parade, and through the parade they do a dance in the freezing cold. So they dance throughout the parade, and they also have occasions where they can perform stunts. They’re exploring London but also training while they’re there, which is pretty cool.

Altogether, the six AHS cheerleaders will need to raise just over $22,000 in total for them all to make the trip to England. Each of the girls fundraises independently and looks to the community to ensure they have enough funds to bring all six girls to the New Year’s Day Parade in London. Over the next four months, the girls, who have been cheerleading together since kindergarten, will be out in the community raising funds.

“I’m so excited that they [the girls] have come together and are supporting each other in fundraising,” Schaefer added. “Everyone is going there, no matter what kind of attitude they have right now. I just appreciate that because I think it’s a big deal. They all know everyone’s situation, so they know who needs more help. money, and they just support each other.

Starting August 29 and running through September 2, AHS Varsity Cheerleaders will be selling popcorn through Double Good, where 50% of profits will go directly to their transport in London, and the popcorn will come straight to your doorstep. To buy popcorn, go to

For all other ways to support the six AHS cheerleaders heading to London, contact April Schaefer at

In addition to hosting online fundraisers, Beeman, MacKinga, Blais, Hart, Savoy and Gee will be out in the community, attending the Farmers Market and more over the next four months and accepting donations in person.

“They’ll be out, so just look for our uniforms, and that’s probably them,” Schaefer concluded.

The school mascot is the wild cat. The school is located at 1700 Wilson Road, Humble.

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How many employees does Humble ISD have?

Today, with 45 campuses, over 45,000 students, and over 7,000 employees, Humble ISD is nationally recognized for the exceptional education it provides to students. This may interest you : Eagles training camp points predictions and ranking position groups | Birds Huddle.

How many teachers are there in Humble ISD?

What rank is Humble ISD?

The Texas Education Agency released its 2018-2019 accountability ratings for school districts across the state on August 15. Read also : Edgewater High School, Bishop Moore football games canceled due to social media post, schools say. Humble ISD received a B, or 88 out of 100, for an enrollment of 43,441 students.

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What is being built behind Humble High School?

Humble High School gets a new cafeteria, library, competition gymnasium, and other renovations that will modernize and add light to the building. The target completion date is 2022. Kingwood Park High School is getting a third gymnasium. The target opening is 2022.

How many Humble ISD high schools does it have? Humble Independent School District contains 6 high schools.

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