Eagles fan lives on the court, lives her dream on the field

Eagles fan lives on the court, lives her dream on the field

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– It’s not easy being an Eagles cheerleader — they make more than 300 appearances a year, are extremely active in the community and all have other jobs outside of the cheer squad.

One member of the team in particular lived the life on the court, while living her dream on the field.

Meet Dana Maugeri: Eagles cheerleader and Philadelphia defense attorney.

Dana is in her second year on the squad, but when she’s not on the field she’s kicking ass in the courtroom.

“I start in court every day, maybe I go to a deposition in the afternoon, some time in office communicating with clients and then we practice three hours at night, two nights a week,” says Maugeri. “Those nights I stop at home to feed my puppy and leave him outside and go straight to the Linc.”

Dana, who is the oldest member of the cheer squad, was originally unsure if she could work.

“I wanted to try years ago and I was nervous that I couldn’t fit cheerleading into my work life and that people wouldn’t take me as seriously if they knew about it,” she said. “But I actually think it made me a better person and a good person.”

She even has a love for history.

“My grandfather was a war veteran and I grew up listening to his stories and learning about the life he led.”

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The eagle with its eager eyes symbolized courage, strength and immortality, but it is also considered a √Ęking of the heavens√Ę and a messenger of the highest God. In ancient Rome, the eagle, or aquila, was the standard of a Roman legion. Each legion carries one eagle.

What does seeing 2 hawks mean?

What does seeing 2 hawks mean?

If you see two hawks together, it is a rare event. For those in a committed relationship, two falcons can be a sign to cherish your relationship with your significant other and not to take them for granted. On the same subject : PIGSKIN REVIEW: A new season for Rockmart cheerleaders. If you’re single, it could be a sign that your romantic soulmate exists.

What does it mean if you see two falcons? The two hawks therefore represent the force of night and the force of day, which are symbolic of the endlessly recurring movement of life. The Rattle Song also talks about the gray hawk and the little hawk, which are also cosmic symbols. The hawk is a bird as brave as the eagle.

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What foods attract bald eagles? The diet varies according to the season and what is available (eagles are very opportunistic in their feeding habits), but fish is the number one type of food followed by some birds (fowl of water), occasional turtles and other rare items.

How do you attract large birds of prey?

The best way to supply that prey is to attract the birds with a good feeding station and other natural food, and where the birds gather, a raptor will eventually come down for a snack. Read also : Lane Johnson Opens Up About Mental Health, Encourages Men To Do The Same. Insects and rodents are also common prey, and birds should take steps to ensure those potential food sources are available as well.

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