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What James Robinson has been able to do with his injury is incredible. That’s some super powerful stuff. That’s great news. Go Jaguars!

Robinson, the Jaguars’ leading rusher the last two seasons, does appear to be making a remarkable recovery from the Achilles injury that ended his 2021 season last December. Robinson is not on the physically unable to perform list to begin training camp and is working on the sidelines to begin practice. Head coach Doug Pederson said Monday that a mid-August return date is possible for Robinson. We will find out when he returns what his super power is.

I hate training camp. Wake me up when it’s over and no one gets hurt, otherwise it’s too scary.

This is a fair view of training camp, a view shared by head coaches and general managers. Training camp is essential. Hitting in camp is a must. A goal in the preseason games is essential. At the same time, there is a very real risk of injury, and teams don’t have the depth to withstand injuries in training camp – especially injuries to key players. It’s a necessary risk, but a risk nonetheless.

Too bad for Devin. I know he couldn’t wait to get on the field, like all of our starters. Luckily it doesn’t look too concerning, just one thing that hopefully will come back soon. That child will be special.

Jaguars rookie Devin Lloyd, the 27th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, will indeed miss some time early in camp with a hamstring issue. Pederson made the announcement Monday, and it was hard to tell the extent of the injury — as is often the case when coaches talk about surprise injuries. I don’t feel like it’s a long-term thing, but the hamstring injury is something to keep an eye on until it stops. Stay with us.

I have to disagree with the response you gave “Jonathan from Jax” regarding fan negativity regarding GM Trent Baalke. I’m not disputing any of your points, but from my (admittedly distant) vantage point and perspective, *most* of my angst centered around Baake’s final seasons in San Francisco, where it was reported that he ran away with a never-losing-NFL-season -as-HC Jim Harbaugh and then followed it up with Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly and three seasons of >10 wins. After a tumultuous year of opposing players from Tom Coughlin and Meyer’s mistake, a clean break made the most sense given Baalke’s hustling people skills. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t overlooked.

What happens if the Jags sweep the AFC West? Will time stop? Will existence explode? Will the media handle such an undertaking?

If the Jaguars sweep the AFC West in 2022, it will be a huge accomplishment. That would ensure at least a 4-13 record, but it would also mean wins over four teams that are projected to be very good – the Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Time will not stand still. Existence will not explode. The media would mention it and probably express surprise, which is understandable.

Zone, after months of offseason activities, we are finally here, Training Camp! My question is how long does it usually take for a team to come together and play like a well oiled machine? We understand that our talent level seems to have increased significantly. But can a team full of pros come together quickly, or will it really take most of a season or two? Thanks, Zone. Enjoy your daily reading.

I wish I had a good answer to this. If the quarterback plays at a high level and the chemistry and talent is right, then teams can play well and succeed quickly. I don’t know about the “well oiled machine” part. If you’re talking about an offense that’s functioning at a record level, that usually requires at least some continuity either in terms of a veteran quarterback or a group of players experienced in their current offensive system. That’s a lofty goal, and one that the Jaguars will realistically likely work toward and not achieve in 2022. I continue to say what I’ve said all along – that the realistic goal for this team is to start looking better and provide a very encouraging impression by the end of the season. The NFL is a league of moving parts, and the parts here have been moving crazily – and inefficiently – for some time. If parts of this season start to look more aligned with the strong possibility of them being more aligned in the future… well, if that happens, it would be the best season around these parts in half a decade.

Hi John. What day do the pads go? some things I want to learn: the strength and speed of linebacker Travon Walker, running back Ben Bartch and offensive tackle Walker Little; the development and impact of cornerback Tyson Campbell and safety Andre Cisco; the speed and quickness of running back Travis Etienne Jr.; Lloyd. What will you be looking for (besides TLaw jump and JRob health)?

These are all good topics. A huge area to watch is the toughness and rush of the defensive front seven. I expect it to be better on both fronts. We will feel those things early in training camp and the preseason. It’s hard to get a full picture of these things given the way teams approach training camp and the preseason at this time.

O-man, did we learn anything on the first day of camp?

I’m glad to see a hint of fandom in your response to KC from Orlando (“Here’s hoping.”) I think that’s all most want to see from you, just a wink. Not blind ‘homerism’ like watching any White Sox or Astros game; it’s embarrassing and insulting to our collective intelligence. We get it, you have a job to do, and objectivity plays a big role in how valuable you can be to us as fans. But I guess your job gets a hell of a lot more fun when league watchers ask you for Jaguar commentary and include our team in conversations, TV highlights and playoff scenarios. We have a way to EARN our way back into that world, but I’ll admit, it’s really cool when you throw a bone our way to those of us who wake up renewed every August and dream a little dream of this team’s success. The kind of shows you remember from the old days of how good the tiniest bit of “hope” could be for a long-suffering fanbase.

I hope the Jaguars win. It’s better for Jacksonville, better for most readers of this column, better for my fellow Jaguar employees – and yes, this job is more enjoyable when they win. Call it whatever you want.

Did someone tell you that you wouldn’t be the KING OF YOUR FUNK if you changed your underwear more often?

O-Funk, can people who need prescription glasses still be considered to have a “good eye?”

If we ever had a quarterback like Roger Staubach, I’d be doing backflips every Sunday. Since we’ve never won a big game, what do you think are the biggest wins in Jags history?

Any postseason win, especially the four divisional playoff wins – 1996 over the Denver Broncos, 1999 over the Miami Dolphins, 2007 over the Pittsburgh Steelers and 2017 over the Steelers. Any win that gets a team to the conference championship game is a big one. I’d also add Buffalo’s 1996 postseason win – the first playoff win in franchise history – to the list.

Eric on the beach from Jacksonville Beach

Since the dead zone is coming to an end (thankfully!), I wanted to get your thoughts on this. There’s been a lot of talk about you living in Springfield. I agree that it is a growing field and I can’t wait to watch it grow over the next 5-10 years. My question is, what would you say to someone who is not that familiar with the area (like me) that we should know. What’s a secret restaurant that you love down there, but people outside of the area don’t know about? Favorite attraction or activity in the area?

I’m not cool enough to know what people outside of Springfield know about Springfield and don’t know. Favorite restaurants: Strings, Crispy’s, The District and Silkies. I haven’t been to Stumpy’s Ax House on Main Street, but I’ve heard good things. I like the new brewery, Historically Hoppy, and Hyperion is still very good. Main Street Food Park is gaining momentum. Springfield Scoops is a good place and Dreamette Ice Cream should be opening soon. Best choice? I’m a Strings guy, with Historically Hoppy the other. That’s how I roll.

What does NUMA mean in the Bible?

MeaningKing of Rome

Is Japheth a biblical name? Japheth in the Book of Genesis Japheth appears for the first time in the Hebrew Bible as one of the three sons of Noah, saved from the flood through the Ark. See the article : Should the Eagles go for safety help? Plus, Jordan Davis’ rookie season outlook | The birds gather. In the Book of Genesis they are always in the order “Shem, Ham and Japheth” when all three are listed.

What does Mads mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew baby names, the meaning of the name Mads is: a gift from God. This may interest you : The Gay Falcons cheerleader got engaged in the last game of the season.

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Why isn’t Italy called Romania?

What was the original name of Romania? In 1859, the principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia united, and in 1877 they declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire as modern Romania. On the same subject : The Reason Why 6 NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders.

What did Rome call Romania?

The name “România” as the common homeland of Romanians was first documented at the beginning of the 19th century. The name “Romania” (România) was first brought to Paris by young Romanian intellectuals in the 1840s, where it was written “Roumanie” to distinguish Romanians (fr.: Roumains) from Romans (fr.: Romains).

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