The cheerleaders and the band introduced themselves ahead of the American football game in Dublin

The cheerleaders and the band introduced themselves ahead of the American football game in Dublin

CHILDREN posed for photos with Northwestern University Wildcat cheerleaders after a performance outside the Mansion House in Dublin yesterday.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin was among those who enjoyed a “spirited rally” with cheerleaders and members of the Northwestern University Wildcat Marching Band.

It happened before the Aer Lingus Classic American football game between the Northwest Wildcats and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, which takes place at the Aviva Stadium today.

The high-profile Big10 Conference fixture will open the 2022 College Football Season. As many as 16,000 tourists traveled to watch the game live. It will be broadcast on Fox will have a live American television audience of about 3.5 million viewers.

Promoter John Anthony told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that one team brought 243 people, while the other brought 267 people, which included “a lot of players, coaches, plus the bands and the cheerleaders that came with them”.

“The Irish-American ties are so strong and so deep,” he said.

27 August 2022 03:00

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