2022 Jaguars NFL offseason: Cam Robinson likes direction

2022 Jaguars NFL offseason: Cam Robinson likes direction

JACKSONVILLE – It is the main part of the new Jaguar direction.

Cam Robinson likes it, and make no mistake:

Robinson, a left-wing veteran who signed a contract extension on Monday to stay with the Jaguars, said he liked the franchise atmosphere that changed direction off-season by hiring head coach Doug Pederson.

“I love what we managed to do in the off-season, what we did,” said Robinson on Monday, shortly after signing with TIAA Bank Field. “The introduction of Doug and of course [second quarterback] Trevor [Lawrence] is amazing. I can’t wait for Trevor to take the next step.

“I can’t wait to start building something unique.”

Part of that new feeling: Phil Rauscher, in his first season as the Jaguar offensive line coach after spending the last season as the Minnesota Vikings offensive line coach.

“I love Phil,” said Robinson. “Phil just feels like one of the guys. When he’s in the room, he feels like one of us. He does a lot of great new techniques that shows us things that I haven’t worked on in a long time. “

Picked by the Jaguars in NFL 2017’s second round of selection, Robinson started out as a rookie for the team that won the AFC South and advanced to the AFC Championship Game. The Jaguars have since won 15 games, selecting number 1 overall in the NFL Draft standings for two consecutive years after finishing with the worst NFL record in 2020 and 2021.

“It only ripens,” said Robinson. “Coming in my rookie year, especially coming from [Alabama’s eternal university power] and going straight into ’17, it felt like it would be every year. The following years were a kind of roller coaster going up and down. It taught me maturity, discipline and how to keep my head down and work my way through it. “

General Manager Trent Baalke and Pederson have talked extensively this season about the importance of retaining the players picked by the team. Robinson’s signing contract makes him the second player currently in the squad to sign a long-term contract with the team after being called by Jaguar.

“It feels great,” said Robinson. “They wanted to keep guys who can provide great leadership and know the character of guys. I think they know my character and what I bring on and off the pitch. I think it was necessary for the performance of the contract.

“I think it was one of the most important things for them in the end.”

Signing Robinson’s contract helps solidify the offensive line in the off-season transition. Walker Little and Jawaan Taylor are expected to start with the proper tackle, and Brandon Scherff’s five-time Pro Bowl selection is set to start at right guard after signing in March as Washington’s unlimited free agent.

Ben Bartch, who started 13 appearances on the right guard last season, is also making a comeback – as is substitute veteran Tyler Shatley. Jaguars on Friday picked offensive Kentucky liner Luke Fortner to play in the center.

Brandon Linder, team captain for the past five seasons and Jaguar racing center since 2014, retired in March.

“I’m not even going to lie; it hurt me, ”he said of Linder’s retirement. “We talked all season off season and I had the idea [Linder was to retire], but when it started and reality did hit, this one was difficult for me. I am happy for him. It’ll be hard to replace Many of the things Brandon brought to the table are irreplaceable.

“As a leader, I just want to continue what he taught me and help some of the younger guys in the way he was able to help me when I first came here.”

NOTE: Jaguar running situation

NOTABLE: Jaguars’s Running-Back Situation

NOTABLE: Jaguars's Running-Back Situation

Pederson on Saturday discussed the Jaguar runaway situation, and the team picked Snoop Conner from Mississippi in Saturday’s round five. Conner joins the group, which also includes third-year veteran James Robinson and second-year veteran Travis Etienne – Robinson suffered an Achilles injury last December and Etienne missed the 2021 season due to an injury to Lisfranc. Robinson is expected to return to training camp, with Etienne participating in the off-season Jaguar program. “It’s just a matter of his entry and competition,” Pederson said of Conner. Read also : The N.F.L.’s alternative ‘cheerleaders’ do not cheer or dance. “It gives us another opportunity to look at him and fit into this room, really compete and see where he is. It depends on where James goes to training camp of course and into the regular season and of course Travis as well. But it adds to the position, gives us some competition there, and we’re excited to bring it here and make it work. I don’t think it’s only short range. “.

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