Gabrielle Union Pitches Bring It On Sequel for the 22nd anniversary of the film

Gabrielle Union Pitches Bring It On Sequel for the 22nd anniversary of the film

Gabrielle Union Sprays Over Family & “Dozens Cheaper”

Brace yourself, because Gabrielle Union has an idea for a Bring It On sequel that’s so good it’ll blow your mind.

On August 25, the actress shared a Twitter post touting the 22nd anniversary of the cheerleading comedy. He wrote, “Hmmmm so Isis might have a #BringItOn teenager.”

While no Bring It On sequel with Gabrielle’s character has been announced, many fans have interpreted her tweet as a tone of voice. His post went viral and sparked a brainstorming session, with supporters mentioning their dream cast members and several celebrities expressing interest in participating.

Chloe x Halle singer Chloe Bailey, who stars in the adult sitcom, tweeted in response that she wanted to be part of a potential project.

His TV co-star Ryan Destiny added, “Yup. Where’s the uniform?!”

In the 2000 film, Gabrielle played the high school cheerleading captain whose squad The Clovers competed against the Toros, led by Kirsten Dunst’s character at a rival high school.

Other characters have been the focus of five direct-to-video Bring It On sequels, none as popular as the original, which grossed over $90 million in theaters worldwide. Meanwhile, a sixth sequel, a Halloween special titled Bring It On: Cheer or Die, will debut in October on SYFY this fall.

However, hope for a direct sequel to the original Bring It On, starring one of the main characters, remains. In 2020, Gabrielle said on the Late Late Show With James Corden that she and Kirsten were questioned about it on a public panel.

“We were all like, ‘We’re in, like we’re really in,'” Gabrielle said, adding, “It’s really going to happen.”

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Despite playing a teenager in the film, Gabrielle was 26 when she filmed Bring It On. Currently, the 49-year-old actress and mother of four—she has daughters Kaavia James Union Wade, 3, and stepson Zaire Wade, 20, Zaya Wade, 15, and Xavier Wade, 8, with husband Dwyane Wade.

Gabrielle had long held Bring It On in her heart. In October 2019, just before Halloween, the proud mother shared an Instagram photo of herself in a Clovers uniform and twins with her youngest daughter.

Check out the 21 secrets about the original Bring It On film below.

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1. The film was originally titled Cheer Fever.

2. Written by music video director Jessica Bendinger, the script was hard to sell and barely made. “I went to 28 or so places and meetings,” he told MTV News in 2015. “I have about 27 offers because sometimes I go to the studio and they love it and they’ll take it to their boss and they go, ‘We love it!’ and take it their boss and then it will get permission a third time.”

3. Despite being one of the best-selling actresses of her generation, Kirsten Dunst isn’t the first person to play Torrance. No, it was Marley Shelton, who would eventually leave film to star in Sugar and Spice, the 2001 film about a cheerleader turned bank robber. Good grief.

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4. Dunst, then 17 years old, had always been the top choice for producers, even though he had turned it down several times before finally taking part after shooting “a sad and bad indie film”, he told MTV News. “I read it and was like, ‘Oh, this is a fun movie.'”

5. The inspiration for Isis Gabrielle Union, captain of East Compton Clovers, was Michael Jordan. NBD. Dan Reed told Buzzfeed that Union “was instrumental” in finding the character’s voice. “We worked on the characters a lot when we did revisions to the script,” he said.

6. There’s a very poignant reason Union, who previously appeared in the teen hit 10 Things I Hate About You and It’s All About Him, got into the film. “The cheerleading movie I wanted was about a bank robbery [Sugar and Spice]—they didn’t want to be Black on any of the characters,” she told MTV. “So interestingly, groups that don’t want to commit to diversity don’t seem to be doing well and films about fixing mistakes do well, and that includes diversity.”


7. James Franco and Jason Schwartzman are just two actors who read for Cliff, the love interest of edgy rocker Torrance. But the top pick was Jesse Bradford, who was a bit hesitant to enter. “This is after we auditioned 300 people for Cliff and there was no one like Jesse,” executive producer Max Wong told MTV. “He was like, ‘Can I get a convertible?’ And I was like, ‘Of course!’ Which is a complete lie.”

8. For Missy, Cliff’s sister and unexpected co-captain Torrance with a penchant for gymnastics and temporary tattoos, Eliza Duskhu from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Reed’s only choice. And she didn’t disappoint when she showed up at the audition. “I’m sure I was a little dizzy and I was dressed all in black,” Dushku told MTV. “[Reed] said, ‘Can you do the splits?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, let me try,’ and I split there and thought, hey, maybe. You know, that’s cool.”

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9. R&B girl group members Blaque, Shamari DeVoe, Brandi Williams and the late Natina Reed, offered the part of three East Compton Clovers, do not need to audition. “We are at the peak of our careers,” DeVoe told the Observer. “And we were represented by Johnny Wright and Lisa Lopes, he was our mentor and had creative control. We were sexy and they reached out to us.”

Since it was their film debut, they asked Union for guidance. “It’s their first time acting, period,” Union explained to MTV. “So teaching them about the sign and where the light is and where the camera is… It’s one of those movies where everyone wants to get it right and everyone commits to lowering themselves to do the job of a village.”

10. The trailer for Bring It On features scenes with Clovers that aren’t featured in the film itself. “We shot this trailer that you see… after the film was over because after the test audience saw the film, they wanted more Clovers,” Union said on TikTok in January 2022. “So we shot this, just for the trailer, not for the film, to make people think we’re in the movie more than we are.”

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11. One of the film’s most iconic scenes—the tooth-brushing temptation between Torrance and Cliff—is not in the original script, but is inspired by a real-life moment. “I remember just studying him and what he was doing, and it wasn’t all that funny,” writer Bendinger explained to MTV of his awkward bathroom encounter with an unnamed suitor. “I remember sitting in my apartment and I thought, how about this?”

But Dunst improved one important part. “Kirsten came up with a great thing about protecting the side of her mouth from her when she spit which I think is great,” spilled Reed. “That’s all Kirsten.”

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12. Most of Sparky Polastri’s choreographed lines were improvised directly by actors Ian Roberts and Reed, who told Buzzfeed, “That role in the original script was funny but thin and stereotypical.” Spirit fingers, however, are written.

13. Several cast members were arrested in Tjiuana during filming, including Dushku and Bradford. “[They] were on the beach drinking and were arrested and thrown in a Mexican prison,” Wong told MTV News.

“I wanted to record and say no producer came and saved us,” explained Dushku. “There might have been an incident at TJ over the weekend, but we managed to sort it out. I got us out of there and no producers bailed out.”

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14. Most of the cast goes through four weeks of cheerleading training camp before filming.

“Not only did we have to learn the dance routine and the cheers, but we also did all our own acts,” Nicole Bilderback, who plays Toros member Whitney, told Bustle. “So we had to study the pyramids; we have to build strength for it. We have to learn all the throws. We learned all that stuff. So that’s eight hours a day, and we’re going to take a lunch break. that’s difficult. That’s a lot of work.”

15. Securing the rights to the “Cherry Pie” Warrant for a fraction of the audition montage would reduce the film’s tight budget by a significant amount of $10 million.

“My memory is that it cost $40,000,” Reed recalled in his Buzzfeed interview. “It was the single biggest musical cue and expense we had on film.”


16. To get into one of the squads, there’s no faking it when it comes to your resume.

We got everyone coming to the audition after setting up some kind of cheering, probably the most embarrassing thing you can do for an actor,” Reed told DVD News. need to meet the physical demands of the role.”

17. Lin-Manuel Miranda co-wrote the music and lyrics for Bring It On: The Musical, which premiered on Broadway for a limited engagement in 2012. The song received two Tony nominations in 2013 for “Best Musical” and “Best Choreography.”

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18. Most of the routines performed by Toros and Semanggi feature acts that are considered illegal in high school competitions.

“There is an illegal movement,” Reed confirmed in an interview with HuffPost. “There are some collegiate movements out there that aren’t high school movements … that would probably be disqualified. By the time we’re making the film, if any of these things come up, we err on the side of what works dramatically or what works the most. worked out for us visually.” It’s okay, it’s okay with us!

19. The ending of the film was a matter of debate among filmmakers, as there were differences over which cheerleading team should win the Nationals. Spoiler alert: The Clovers will take home the trophy.

“I remember there was a whole debate about who was going to win, and there were people in the mix who were like, ‘Well, Kirsten is leading, the Toros have to win,'” Reed recalled to MTV. “Well, well, that’s not the story…they did an amazing job. But they came second after the other teams, and that was a life lesson for him.”


20. After the film surprisingly debuted at No. 1, made $22 million domestically when initial tracking reports indicated the film would only make $6 million, some stars responded in epic fashion.

“A bunch of girls and I went into town to celebrate and maybe or maybe not, you know, jumped in the pool at the Sky Bar and was like, we have movie number one!” Dushku was revealed to MTV.

21. The DVD includes an alternate ending which finds Torrance and Isis both attending U.C. Berkeley and the cheerleading team together.

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Who won the Clovers or the Toros?

Who won the Clovers or the Toros?

It’s been 20 years since the Clovers beat Toros in the Nationals, and we’re still not satisfied with Bring It On. See the article : Carolina Panthers hire Justine Lindsay, the NFL’s first openly transgender cheerleader. Released on August 25, 2000, this film hits the nerves of culture, combining sex appeal, girl power, athleticism, and heartfelt social commentary into one package that is fizzy, fun, and endlessly quotable.

Which school did Clovers go to Bring It On? The Toro cheerleading squad from Rancho Carne High School in San Diego has the passion, courage, recklessness and killer routine that will surely earn them the national championship trophy for the sixth year in a row.

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Are Cliff and Missy twins in Bring It On?

Despite playing brother and sister Cliff and Missy Pantone and both are high school students of the same age in this film that is not in reality. Read also : Free Colts viewing party set for Oct. 6 at Carmel Midtown Plaza – Hamilton County Reporter. it turns out that Jesse Bradford who plays Cliff is actually 1 year 7 months older than Eliza Dushku who plays her sister Missy.

Does Bring It On have a stunt double? 14. Most of the cast goes through four weeks of cheerleading training camp before filming. “Not only did we have to learn the dance routine and the cheers, but we also did all our own acts,” Nicole Bilderback, who plays Toros member Whitney, told Bustle.

How old was Torrance in Bring It On?

Torrance is the role Dunst thinks is closest to real life. “When I was 16 and doing ‘Bring It On’. I was that girl. To see also : What It’s Really Like To Be An NFL Cheerleader. It felt like I was in high school as myself. It wasn’t an exaggeration at all,” she said.

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