Ginger Zee is leaving fans in awe with her amazing high school photos

Ginger Zee is leaving fans in awe with her amazing high school photos

Long before Ginger became Good Morning America’s most beloved meteorologist, the star was just an ordinary high school teenager — who performed weekly as a cheerleader.

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Ginger revealed her past when she hosted a Q&A with her fans on social media and was asked: “Did you participate in athletics at the high school or college level?” to which she responded with three pictures of sports and the caption: “Ran cross, tennis, middle school cheer,” and added: “HS cheer competition.”

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The star then delighted her fans with a trip down memory lane as she shared a few snaps from her Instagram stories – barely changed!

In the first photo, Ginger is beaming and wearing a football kit.

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More: Ginger Zee celebrates amazing news as fans send her congratulations

The second showed her pride in carrying the basketball as she was named, ‘Most athletic’ in her year. The third picture was of Ginger dressed in a happy dress and smiling.

Ginger may not be a professional athlete, but she’s still in style.

She recently shared a stunning video of herself busting out some yoga moves by the pool

Ginger continues her love of running and says it’s more than just hitting the pavement.

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She told People magazine: “Running is the easiest for me, but it’s also the hardest in a way, because it’s you.

She added: “It’s very freeing to let your mind go when you don’t have your cell phones. Running for me is almost spiritual because you let your whole soul go.”

Ginger found her position as GMA’s chief meteorologist

Ginger also loves cycling and says she has to make time for self-care or she won’t be able to beat her 4am start to the day!

The star rose to fame on Good Morning America, and when she’s not working, she’s a mother to two children with her husband, WNBC personality Ben Aaron.

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