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You and Brian Sexton marveled at the Jaguars fleeing Travis Etienne Jr. Wednesday? Really? From one run?

Sexton and I discussed Etienne at our “camps” on Wednesday from day three of Jaguar 2022 training camp. While I shudder at the thought of Sexton and I sharing a “wavelength” it was logical and correct to rave about Etienne Wednesday – even based largely on a single gear. That’s because Etienne looked really good, really confident – and perhaps most importantly – really suddenly during the long training session on Wednesday. He quickly crossed the field and moved away from the defensive, showing no effects of Lisfranc’s injury that cost him his debut season in 2021. I admit I was skeptical about Etienne’s return. I was cautious about praising him at this point and focused most of my analysis focused on Etienne on the need to make sure he came back from his injury. One run does not guarantee full health, but on Wednesday morning he looked like a competitor who was not thinking about injury anymore. It’s just as good news that the Jaguars could expect to see Etienne three days after entering the camp.

Bruce of Saint Simons Island, GA

Oh, I like the good vibes for Jags this season – then I look at the Jags schedule. Didn’t Mike Tyson say something that we all have a game plan until we get punched in the face?

Tyson said it, but a few thoughts here. One is that there is no point in worrying about scheduling difficulties before each NFL season; In each NFL season, teams either improve or drop drastically from the previous season, so schedules often look very different in the middle of the season than in August. Second, even if the Jaguars’ schedule is as brutally tough as many believe, that doesn’t rule out a successful season. If Jaguars and quarterback Trevor Lawrence are improved, many of these games that are looking challenging now will end up much closer than originally expected, with the Jaguars in turn winning some of those games. If the Jaguars win a few more games than expected, it will lead to six or seven wins. According to this writer, seven or eight wins is a successful season, especially if Lawrence looks like the series quarterback at the end of the season. This is possible regardless of the perceived difficulty of the schedule.

When Lawrence has a good day at training camp, doesn’t that by definition mean our defense is having a bad day?

I will not be sucked into the vortex. I will not be sucked into the vortex. I will not be sucked into the vortex. I will not get that…

If sports media doesn’t have a fan of it, how the hell do you create content that fans want? It’s counterintuitive. Also: On jaguars.com – the band’s official website – are you going to let a handful of fans from other sites produce you throughout the season, or just for the first few days of the minicamp? Make it a big guy 🙂

Being a fan of a band is by no means a prerequisite for understanding what matters are important to the band or the fans. Sports media, including me, create content by tracking teams and understanding relevant stories. Sports media, including myself, sometimes listen to fans to find out what fans want to hear and read about their band. It is not counterintuitive; it is being experienced and skilled in the profession. As for your second point… we the people at jaguars.com, including myself, met one day and I am delighted to announce that we have decided to drastically reduce the quality and quantity of our content. We, including me, have been “amazing” for so long that we decided to try a different approach. Enjoy.

O ‘, Off topic, in their prime numbers, Freeney or Mathis?

It’s difficult because I enjoyed playing both Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts – and I really like both men as people and players. I’ll go with Freeney as I found Freeney a bit more dominant when I covered this pair. In fairness to Mathis, his best season (2013) came after I stopped writing about the Colts while I was hiding Freeney at his best – which was 2002-2010 basically. Both were remarkably consistent, both closed games were good, and both had a remarkable fumble flair. There have probably been better clean pass tandems in the history of the NFL. But Freeney and Mathis are in the conversation.

Zone, how are you holding up? I know you only been at camp a few days, but you do articles as if you were already in the middle of the season.

Do not be afraid. We will go away. Shit, as far as Jonathan can see it, we’ve already done it.

I have news for the rest of the league. This year you’ll be dealing with Trevor Lawrence. They can’t do anything about it because it’s physics. I guarantee that Jaguar fans will be able to talk with pride again. This team is the real deal, and they will be good. Go Jaguars!

Don is “all in” Lawrence as it should. My first thoughts on this training camp are that I would be very, very surprised at this point if Lawrence wasn’t a really good NFL quarterback for a long time. In fact, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t elitist. One of the reasons is his talent, which was obvious long before the Jaguars made him No. 1 on the NFL Draft Overall in 2021. Another is how he has done off the pitch since arriving at the Jaguars. It matters to the starting quarterback, and he is off the charts in that area. Now, at the start of Camp 22, Lawrence is showing more confidence, faster readings, and greater short- and long-term accuracy than last season. He seems to have already grasped head coach Doug Pederson’s misdemeanor, and these are early stages in the process. It doesn’t mean it’s “there.” There will be hiccups. But it’s getting harder and harder to imagine not being that guy.

I know we should learn from past mistakes, but there’s no need to hear more about this old coach and move on to bigger, better things like this year’s team.

You may be referencing the Jaguars outside of linebacker Josh Allen, who recently covered former Jaguar head coach Urban Meyer, which Allen did a roundabout way on Tuesday when discussing Pederson. I understand there are a few Jaguar fans tired of reading and hearing about Meyer. Why shouldn’t they be at this point? But if a player is talking about it, most of the media – including me – consider it worth posting to mention it in the story. And if the reader asks a question in the O-Zone about Meyer, there’s a good chance I will answer it. If the mood comes up. I have the feeling that the time will soon come when people won’t be asking so much about Meyer. But he’s a famous guy, and his tenure here was… um, noteworthy. Understandably, he still appears in conversation in these places from time to time.

O-man, what are these bubble-wrap helmets some players are wearing?

You mean the helmet protectors worn by Jaguar players during camp ’22. They are designed to help reduce the risk of concussions and are worn by defensive and offensive liners, and they also have tight ends – basically the players most likely to come into contact with the helmet.

Zone, tell me they’re fast. Tell me they’re spicy. Tell me we’re ugly. #SOOOPVAL !!!

Looks and sounds like Trevor has added extra weight during the off season. This extra strength should lead to continual improvement. Last year, Trevor walked an average of about 215 yards in passing the match. All indications are that he will have a better season. What would it look like? Two hundred and fifty yards per game is 4,250 regular season yards. Is this a realistic expectation for Trevor’s second season based on what you’ve seen so far?

A revised season for Lawrence would be a good touchdown interception. Much more big, “special” games that change the game and much less downtime. Jaguars will compete in more games and win games in the fourth quarter with Lawrence being the main reason. I don’t know what that would mean for passing yards in a regular season. Most of the really good playmakers last season were over 4,000, so let’s go with it.

O-man, is it true that Trevor looked so good in practice that he threw it at you and even YOU caught him?

Ozone is a molecule of three oxygen atoms, often referred to as O3. Ozone is produced when heat and sunlight cause chemical reactions between nitrogen oxides (NOX) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), also known as hydrocarbons.

How does atmosphere protect us from ultraviolet rays of the sun?

The ozone layer is an area with high ozone concentrations in the stratosphere, 15 to 35 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. On the same subject : Howie Mandel Praises AGT’s ‘Composed’ Maddie Baez Amid Her ‘Cheerleader’ Dad’s Absence From Live Performances. The ozone layer acts as an invisible shield and protects us from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

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How does stratospheric ozone affect life on the Earth’s surface? Ozone absorbs incoming solar radiation very well in the UV waveband, which protects the Earth’s surface from high levels of UV radiation and heats the stratosphere.

How does ozone layer affect life on Earth?

The ozone layer acts as a shield for life on Earth. On the same subject : PHOTOS: Detroit Lions in action during the preseason. Ozone is good at trapping a type of radiation called ultraviolet radiation or UV light that can penetrate through the body’s protective layers such as the skin, damaging DNA molecules in plants and animals.

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