Chapin cheerleaders need your help – and your shoes

Chapin cheerleaders need your help - and your shoes

The team collects used shoes to give to children in need.

CHAPIN, S.C. – One of Chapin’s joy squad wants your old shoes to leave their mark on the world. The team collects old sneakers to donate to children in need.

“We buy shoes and use new, healthy shoes and give them to kids all over the world,” said Cheer Passion Allstars cheerleader Emma Gladden.

The remaining shoes in poor condition are recycled and reused as gravel in the playgrounds of children in need. But this project is about more than rubber soles, it’s about the lessons of the soul. Nicole Gladden is the program’s director, and she said it’s all about creating well-rounded athletes.

“We feel like it’s really important for our athletes to be a part of the community and learn to give back to those less fortunate. We feel that when they’re involved in organizations, they have a better sense of coexistence,” Nicole said.

The girls take this lesson to heart. Cheerleaders said giving back is just something you do.

“It feels like we’re doing something good by helping other people,” cheerleader Emilie Anderson said.

“I feel like giving back helps these people get to a better place,” cheerleader Cassidy Huey said.

The goal of this mission is to collect 1500 hundred shoes. So far, the team has collected 556 pairs.

Fundraising will last until September 5. If you want to wear old shoes, you can drop them off at the Chapin Gymnastics Center.

How can I memorize cheers fast?

How can I memorize cheers fast?

If the mood you are learning consists of words and movements, you may want to repeat the words several times to learn them first. This can help you later by associating these words with certain movements. On the same subject : Best high school football pre-game songs. Knowing the words is the first step in learning a cheer or any other type of routine.

How do you work hard in cheerleading? Hit your moves fast – once you hit it, hold it as tight as you can for about 30 seconds. One helpful tip is to tighten your glutes as you do this. This will naturally tighten your other muscles. Work in front of a mirror – Stand in front of a mirror yourself or watch a video and see how you move.

Do you have to be flexible to do cheer?

The short answer is yes, you can still be a cheerleader even if you’re not flexible. This may interest you : The battle between the Eagles and the Vikings didn’t stop Philadelphia fans from doing their job. You may want to work on your flexibility before trying out for your cheer team, but your coach will likely give you a stretching routine to follow.

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What does we hit 0 mean in cheer?

Traditionally, athletes are challenged to "hit" their stunts, drumming, jumps, dance and performance. On the same subject : Eagles Cheerleaders Holding Virtual Auditions | Philadelphia, PA patch. If a team does this successfully and receives no deductions from the panel of judges, they have a "HIT ZERO" – in other words, they have ZERO deductions.

What does BF mean in cheering? BF = Building Fall When a stunt or stunt transition falls and is not recorded by the stunt team. For example, dropping a flyer from a stuntman onto a cradle or falling onto a load is a building fall. Another example is when a stand or spotter falls onto the performance surface during a stunt.

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