Local Cheerleaders Celebrate Titles

Local Cheerleaders Celebrate Titles

Two Big Rapids teams draw national honors

Two Big Rapids teams draw national honors

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This group of Big Rapids Force cheerleaders won the senior group title.

This younger group of Big Rapids Champion Force cheerleaders recently won the state division title.

BIG RAPIDS – The Big Rapids Champion Force Cheer took the stage last week to compete in the Champion Force State Competition in Grand Rapids.

Two Big Rapids Champion Force teams took home first place and placed first in both of their divisions.

The Big Rapids Division 3 Glam faced off against eight other teams on Sunday morning while not having any shutouts during the performance.

The Big Rapids Division 4 Shimmer competed on Sunday night and also took first place out of nine teams and zero deductions during their performance.

Big Rapids Champion Force head coach Holly Martin, along with assistant coaches Emma Jordan, Markeith Bunkercass, Lexis Golden and Riley Lyon, have been working hard to perfect their team routines after qualifying last month at state.

The routine consists of cheers, stunts and a dance part. Mazzy Neal is a Division 3 athlete and has competed in events for the past six years.

“I was really nervous when our Glam team was called last on stage and then we found out we were the champions,” she said.

“Champion Force was a home of joy for us,” said her mother, Nadine Sarabia. β€œIt is wonderful to see Champion Force of Michigan bring its program to our Big Rapids community and the positive impact it has on our youth, both male and female athletes. It also had a huge impact on the families who came together to support these competitors as they did their best.”

Special thanks to team moms Blair Jordan, Roxanne Reagan Lyon and Beckie Bunker-Cass. These parent coaches and their volunteer time each week helped both teams bring home these victories.

Big Rapids Champion Force offers cheerleading classes for youth ages 4 through high school. Courses are offered each fall, spring, and summer. You can contact the Big Rapids Champion Force Cheerleading Facebook page for more information and to register.

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