Muncie’s overnight retail options declined after the pandemic

Muncie's overnight retail options declined after the pandemic

Is the Muncie Mall private property?

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Address3501 N. Granville Ave.
DeveloperMelvin Simon & Associates
ManagementWoodmont Company
OwnerWoodmont Company

Who owns Muncie Mall? â Muncie Mall owner Washington Prime Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday after months of struggling to meet debt obligations. See the article : Coach corner: Muma “a special player”. This news does not come out of the blue, but was prompted by the slow decline of shopping centers nationwide and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Whats left in the Lycoming Mall?

The remaining 13 stores are Rue 21, American Eagle, Spencer’s Maurice’s, Dollar Galaxy, Claire’s Burlington Coat Factory, Auntie Anne’s, Gertrude Hawk, Book-A-Million, T-Mobile, Brookside Homes and Holiday Hair. See the article : Mom-to-be Alia Bhatt sings Brahmastra’s song Kesariya, husband Ranbir Kapoor becomes cheerleader – WATCH.

How many stores are still in the Lycoming Mall? About 25 stores remain in Lycoming Mall, including youth anchor Burlington Coat Factory, Books-A-Million and several smaller stores and restaurants. Success!

What happened to the Lycoming Mall?

Sale and Decline: 2016-2020 The mall was sold on March 22, 2016 for $26.35 million to Kohan Retail Investment Group, which owns it as Lycoming Mall Realty Holding. See the article : Roster Moves: OL and DE/OLB claimed, K Matthew Wright waived. Macy’s closed in March 2017 and owned its anchor store.

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