World-class cheerleading experts open new gym in MK

World-class cheerleading experts open new gym in MK

The new line of coaches at First Class Athletics reads like a who’s who of world leaders.

Led by Paige Hottor, who is well known in the business and has over 15 years of experience, First Class Athletics has a team of coaches who have competed in the USA – the home of the leading entertainers – and gold medal winners too!

Paige said: “We are championing the world of art in Milton Keynes and offering our expertise to the world. Although we offer courses on a competitive basis, we are also about in having fun and building new life skills for the future.”

Win free entertainment courses for a year

To celebrate the launch of First Class Athletics, take part in a competition for a chance to win a year’s worth of competitive tuition worth almost £600.*

To enter, follow these three steps:

1. Follow and like @firstclassathleticsuk on Facebook or Instagram2. Tag three friends and have them follow @firstclassathleticsuk3. Share the First Class Athletics social media post on your account with the tag #FlyFCAE open the competition until the opening of “The Runway” – the First Class Athletics gym on Monday 5 September 2022, located at 9 Blundells Road, Bradville in Milton Keynes.

* The First Division Athletics school year will remain in place for the duration of the 2022/2023 season. This offer covers competitive tuition only and does not include any additional course fees.

First Class Athletics is also a partner of ParaCheer International, offering cheerleading for all abilities. ParaCheer International promotes and supports recreational sports that bring together athletes with and without disabilities.

First Class Athletics coach Roxy Asare, who has been an All Star for over 10 years leading the cheer, first started out as a shy child who was persuaded by her mother to join the fun games.

She said: “I was shy but my mum knew she had to get me out of the house and forced me to start drama classes – and I haven’t looked back since then, until the now a teacher. The enthusiastic leader made me more approachable and confident, and taught me how to influence the life outside of the gym, like teamwork and discipline. It’s broadened my perspective on life and I can now work in a job that I love.”

From after school training sessions, to coaching competitive teams, First Class Athletics offers a range of fun classes for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Sessions are held after school and on weekends, with a 5% discount for the first sibling and 10% for other siblings. Recreational classes are offered as pay-as-you-go courses, as well as monthly payments.

First Class Athletics also offers birthday parties, which are led by its party members. Party options include cheerleading, commercial dancing, Tik Tok, tumbling and ninja!

Come to the FCA open day and sign up!

Take part in a range of taster sessions at the First Class Athletics Open day at The Runway, 9 Blundells Road, Bradville in Milton Keynes, MK13 7HA, from 10am -2.45pm on Saturday, September 3.

How much does a season of cheer cost?

A representative on the gaming platform stated that “you can expect to spend between $75-$200/month to play competitive games.†a. Annually, you can expect to pay between $2,000-$4,300. Read also : Jerry Jones comments on $2.4 million deal for Cowboys cheerleaders. It includes everything necessary to join the club.â

Is happiness an expensive game? The cost is among the highest of any student activity: the cost of competitive entertainment usually ranges from $2,000-$3,000 per season for players. avoid each other.

How much is all star cheer a season?

Prices vary from season to season. Read also : Cheerleading competition at the Allen County Fair. On average a full season of tuition is $1595-$2145 (parties based on the full program, twice a week practice with or without a crash course).

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Can cheer start at 18?

18 years and older: It’s never too late to try to get active! Whether you’re a seasoned player of another sport or just ready to find out why fans actually smile on a regular basis, expect work hard and have a JAWesome time! Prepare to be amazed at the strength and artistry of your body and mind. See the article : O-zone: Great pride.


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