Iona University Adds Two Sports, Including Acrobatics and Tumbling

Iona University Adds Two Sports, Including Acrobatics and Tumbling

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – Iona University President Seamus Carey, Ph.D., and Director of Athletics Matthew Glovaski announced the addition of men’s lacrosse and women’s acrobatics & tumbling as its 22nd and 23rd intercollegiate athletic program offerings. Both sports will aim to start competing in the academic year 2024/25.

“Our mission is to create opportunities at Iona University for students to reach their highest potential inside and outside the classroom,” Carey said. “The addition of these two highly competitive and popular varsity programs will be a tremendous benefit to our student-athletes as well as the campus community as a whole.”

“As Iona University continues to grow, we are very proud to offer our students these expanded opportunities for intercollegiate competition,” Glovaski said. “With the Northeast, particularly Westchester County and the New York metropolitan area, being the historic hotbed of collegiate men’s lacrosse and the rise of acrobatics and tumbling as emerging sports for women in the NCAA, these programs will seamlessly integrate into the goals and aspirations of the University.”& #xD;

With the goal of competing by 2024-25, Iona will look to hire a coaching staff and begin recruiting student-athletes for next year.

Is Tumbling the same as acro?

Is Tumbling the same as acro?

The addition of these programs follows Iona’s growing investment in the student experience, including the recent launch of the Club Sports program, a championship-winning esports club, and welcoming its first performing arts director to enhance creative opportunities. The purchase of Iona’s new 28-acre campus in Bronxville, N. Read also : Andy Walker not a ‘Celtic fan’ as Sky pundit reacts to social media abuse.Y., nearly doubles the university’s footprint and provides additional field space and a variety of performance venues. Aligning with the university’s “Learn Beyond Borders” brand promise, Iona students have more opportunities than ever to pursue their passions outside the classroom while developing meaningful relationships around shared interests.

Is tumbling and gymnastics the same thing?

Acrobatics & Tumbling is an evolution of the different disciplines of gymnastics, incorporating the athletic aspects of competitive cheerleading. Individuals and small groups perform acrobatic lifts, throws and flips. To see also : The Falcons will rely on the ‘Dirty Birds’ in 2021. The format was created at the university level in 2009. Competitors are primarily recruited from the various disciplines of gymnastics and cheerleading to participate in acrobatics & tumbling, as well as multi-sport athletes, divers and weightlifters.

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What is the difference between gymnastics and acro?

Supervises the National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Association (NCATA), 32 programs competed on campuses across the country in 2021-22. Fourteen additional programs are now recruiting with plans to compete no later than the 2024-25 season. After reaching 30 members in 2020, acrobatics & tumbling has been officially accepted as a new women’s sport by the NCAA. This may interest you : NFL Cheerleaders: Week 14. Six current NCAA Division I programs (Baylor, Duquesne, Morgan State, Oregon, Presbyterian and Quinnipiac), two schools in the New York metropolitan area (Caldwell and Felician) and seven in a radius between Philadelphia, PA and New Haven, CT (East Stroudsburg, Georgian Court, Holy Family and Kutztown along with Quinnipiac, Caldwell and Feliciana) will compete for the NCATA National Championship along with Iona in the spring of 2025. The championship tournament is a three-day event held in late April.&#xD ;

Whats the difference between acro and tumbling?

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