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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s do it…

The head coach of Jaguars, Doug Pederson, recently said that every year, a few players he did not expect and it is very difficult to come to the day off. At what level do you see coaches having the hardest time keeping all the players they really want on the team? Thank you for all you do.

This is tricky because the answer may not be where talent comes first – and once you get to the bottom of the list, the teams Specialization can be more about making a player’s roster than how he plays a role. Numbers are also involved, and an injury at one position sometimes prompts a team to put another player there and force a release. a player at a different level. The last thing teams think about when making draft decisions is whether a player can be signed to the practice squad – whether the player by another team when suspended. I expect running back to be a difficult decision, and a player like Ryquell Armstead can play in the NFL and is looking like the fourth back on the list. The edge can be tight at the time of the cut, with many “bubble” players there who may be able to sign on other strong lists. As Pederson said when discussing the issue this week: The players with the hardest decisions to make are often young players who surprise coaches. This means that this answer will be revealed in the next few weeks.

What exactly did the Press mean when he said that the crime was fixed?

When coaches talk about installing an offense, they mean they introduce plays, structures and personnel packages to players in a meeting environment. This is usually done at least twice – during the outdoor program and during training. It is held every year. The Jaguars installed the offense during the season. As of Wednesday, offensive coordinator Press Taylor said the coaches have covered about 30 percent of the offense during this part of camp. That’s normal speed and route.

My best guess, you ask? I think we will win a few things and lose a few things.

Did Eugene “Thunderbolt” Frenette really take off his shirt and challenge Travon Walker to pin him in the middle at the start of camp? How is Festivus there?

Jaguars rookie outside linebacker Travon Walker is as physically impressive as any rookie I’ve been around. Not that he wants any part of shirtless longtime Florida Times-Union sportswriter and Northeast Florida native Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette. But then again, who does it?

Señor Jozone, Will fans be able to participate in any of the shows this year?

No. Jaguars 2022 Training Camp is being held at The Episcopal School of Jacksonville as construction continues on the Miller Electric Center near TIAA Bank Field. Space does not allow spectators to participate. The training camp is expected to open to fans in 2023.

In terms of the battle for starting right tackle between Walker Little and Jawaan Taylor, shouldn’t the loser be the swing? Shouldn’t we see Taylor taking some lefty shots? Biggest question: Will being able to play left really hurt Walker in this contest given his swing value?

We’re moving away from a hard, fast answer on this one because the Little/Taylor rivalry is just getting started. For that reason, there wasn’t much discussion. I expect whoever doesn’t start at right tackle between Taylor and Little to be the swing. Nothing is guaranteed to swing when Taylor starts. If Little starts, you can still move him to left tackle and start Taylor at right tackle in the event of an injury to lefty Cam Robinson. I don’t expect it to hurt Little’s chances. I expect the Jaguars to start the best player and worry about swinging when needed.

O-Man, can you take a look at your Magic 8 ball and tell us your ability to start the offensive hand?

I expect the starting Week 1 offensive line to be: Young, right guard Brandon Scherff, center Luke Fortner, left guard Tyler Shatley and Robinson.

KOAF – as a follower of the UK, who should I look to write in my competition team this year (Jags is clearly based). I think Etienne is a good choice.

I have played fantasy football twice. Formerly the Florida Times-Union sports department’s pre-internet league, it was a league where the league’s commissioner had to count five points each week. You also had to call in or submit line changes. Matt Hayes, of 1010XL, and myself wrote a team. Henry Ellard was there. That’s the only player I remember. The team was bad. We stopped submitting line changes within 2-ish weeks. My next football experience was a few years ago on Mike Dempsey’s Jaguars Today. I had Russell Wilson at quarterback. When he was good, the team was good. When he was gone, he was gone. It’s a long and self-indulgent way of saying I’m not a football coach. Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. maybe he will be a nice player. He should get more touches as a runner and receiver. He is considered complicit in the crime. If those are good things in competitive football, Etienne is a good choice.

His side of the field is closed like Chick-fil-A on Sunday?? That may be the case every Sunday. Hopefully, this guy’s back won’t give him any problems. We need a closed corner, who will be the Mighty O???? Who in our corner room will be closed on Sundays?

You’re referring to second-year cornerback Tyson Campbell saying his side of the field was shut down “like Chick-fil-A on Sunday” after defending a pass at the example this week. Campbell is quick to say that he is a lock corner. It’s not too early to say he has a chance to be that kind of player. His transformation/development since struggling at the start of last season has been amazing. He seems almost certain to be a very good player. A closed corner? I guess.

How much, if any, game-planning will be done for the HOF and first games? Will coaches only implement the plays they feel will allow them to assess the playbook knowledge and mechanics of their players? dodge no matter how hard they try to keep their opponents out of the game?

I don’t think there is a game plan for the Pro Football Hall of Fame game against the Las Vegas Raiders Thursday and I hope there isn’t one next week at home against the Cleveland Browns. You’ll likely see game plans for one or the last two games of the preseason — at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons.

The defense had a big day on Thursday. It seems all the praise for Crime and T-Law was premature, after all.

I will not be absorbed into the vortex. I will not be absorbed into the vortex. I will not be absorbed into the vortex. I will not get…

John: I grew up in a time of training that was difficult and full of – perhaps – over-communication. Do you know that today’s teams are more unprepared for contact in Week 1 than in the past? Also, have you noticed more early season injuries than in the past?

One thought you’ll hear often is that tackling in the NFL isn’t as good early in the season as it is late in the season. This is due to the lack of tackling in the preseason and training camp. I agree with that theory, although I have no statistical proof. I don’t feel many early season injuries in recent seasons. Injuries to players in the NFL. It’s a brutal, physical game. That’s true despite the fact that many players were hit in training camp.

John: I went to high school (Ridgeview) and college (FSU) too. I left Florida State in my last semester for a very expensive opportunity that I do not regret. I thought you would like to know.

O-man, since the players have all played soccer all their lives, can they make it that day?

If you fail, you will be worse off. I, for example, did not recover on July 4, 1976. There is a connection in two centuries that I am not at liberty to discuss. It has been going downhill ever since. Hell… I don’t even have to say that. You’ve been reading this column for a minute.

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