‘Friday Night Lights’: High school familiar with youth football, cheerleading squads

'Friday Night Lights': High school familiar with youth football, cheerleading squads

To recognize the hard work and effort of Clearview’s Youth Football and Cheerleading (CYFC), the high school will host its annual Friday Night Under the Lights on Sept. 9 at the school’s football stadium.

The event – ​​also known as youth night – will showcase the boys and girls participating in CYFC prior to the start of the Clearview Pioneers football game against Vineland High School’s Fighting Clan. The players themselves will arrive an hour earlier, at 6 pm.

“As the official high school food organization, it is a very special event that gives our young players and cheerleaders a connection to the high school programs they will eventually be a part of,” said David Hoos, CYFC director of communications and community relations.

“It really gives them the perspective that they’re actually part of a tradition that’s much bigger than the usual recreational club or cheerleading club.”

Not only are each of the kids featured and represented, but the young football players can run out onto the field with their older counterparts to spark the game, Hoos says. The head coach of Clearview’s football team will also engage them in a pre-game pep talk, something usually reserved only for senior players.

As for the young cheerleaders, they get to see what it’s like to cheer in front of a large crowd while watching a high school cheerleading team.

“This really gives our young cheerleaders more perspective,” Hoos said.

All CYFC kids will wear their green and gold jerseys or uniforms, to represent the youth football and cheer teams.

Friday night under the lights will start at 7 p.m. Stay updated through the CYFC website and Facebook page.

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