Cornerback Tyson Campbell is involved in youth football programs in Duval County

Cornerback Tyson Campbell is involved in youth football programs in Duval County

JACKSONVILLE — Jaguars cornerback Tyson Campbell remembers his youth football days like they were yesterday. Really…that wasn’t too long ago.

The 22-year-old sophomore corner was part of the groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of the NFL Grassroots field last week. The ceremony took place at Westconnett Park in Jacksonville – featuring a beautiful football field recently renovated with help from the Jaguars. The Jags contributed a $200,000 donation to help with the renovation, furthering their commitment to improving Jacksonville’s youth football presence. The $200,000 investment in the renovation was made possible earlier this year when Habijax received $100,000 from the Jaguars through the NFL Foundation’s Grassroot Program, a partnership between the NFL Foundation and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. (LISC).

“It means a lot to me to be here today,” Campbell said. “These kids are the future, and I was once in their shoes watching NFL players and college athletes, knowing I wanted to step into their position.”

Children of all ages from surrounding neighborhoods participated in the camp, including the Westside Wildcats, a pop warner team in Jacksonville. Tyson Campbell sat down with the Wildcats to share memories of his pop warning days and finally said he’d like to invite the team to a Jaguars game, so those kids can see the game at a whole different time. level.

“It brings back so many childhood memories of me being here playing football with these kids,” Campbell smiled. “I remember how eager I was to learn new skills, and being a Florida kid, I always loved being on the court running in the sun to learn and develop the game.”

Tyson Campbell plans to continue to be involved in youth football in Duval County and eventually wants to host a football camp in his hometown in South Florida.

“God has blessed me with the ability to reach the NFL and now I can pass that knowledge on to these kids.”

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