Starmer laughs off Owen Jones’ Labor attack as activist dismissed as Corbyn ‘cheerleader’

Starmer laughs off Owen Jones' Labor attack as activist dismissed as Corbyn 'cheerleader'

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LABOUR PARTY leader Sir Keir Starmer savaged Owen Jones for labelling him as a “con man” in a social media video message, dismissing the commentator as a Corbyn “cheerleader.”

Keir Starmer laughs off Owen Jones criticism

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Sir Keir sat quietly as he heard Mr Jones refer to his army of Labor supporters as “a bunch of Waitrose customers”. The political commentator continued to claim that the Leader of the Labor Party did exactly the opposite of what he promised to do for the Party. The Labor leader rejected the attempt to remove Mr Jones and claimed he knew him and liked him as he insisted he was “not focused” on what the activist thinks but rather on winning the next general election against the Conservative Party.

Mr Vine said: “I’ll show you a little clip of Owen Jones who is very much on the show, have a look at that.”

In the video, Mr Jones said: “Keir Starmer is a professional political deceiver, he has blatantly delivered the exact opposite of what he said he would be as Labor leader.

“I know his army of supporters online, the most ridiculously annoying Waitrose customers you will ever meet, they think everything is fine.

“But the fact is that it is the truth, he is a deceitful man, not someone who can be trusted.”

But Sir Keir seemed unfazed as he said: “I’m not focused on Owen, I’m sorry Owen, I know Owen, I like Owen.

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Leader of the Labor Party Sir Keir Starmer (Image: Jeremy Vine on 5)

“I’m not focused on Owen, I’m focused carefully on winning the next general election, because we can talk about what we’re going to do up and down dale but until we win an election we won’t do it.”

He continued: “The Labor Party lost four elections in a row, Owen was a cheerleader in the last attempt and we failed.

“If we continue like this we are leaving millions of people, so I made a decision to take the Labor Party from where we were when I took over, which was the worst general election defeat since 1935.

“Just change the Labor Party, make it face the voters and talk about what they wanted to talk about, put practical ideas on the table ‘how do you pay your bills this winter?’

“Who’s going to pay for it? Hopefully we can get a Labor Government because we desperately need change, and that’s what I’m absolutely determined to get.”

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Owen Jones was quick to hit out at the Labor leader, posting on Twitter: “Also, in another example of Starmer’s dishonesty: he calls me a ‘cheerleader’ of the last Labor leader Read also : NFL cheerleader gets surprise marriage proposal in final game.

“Yet that was it? He served his Shadow Cabinet, campaigned to make him Prime Minister, praised him to the max in the leadership campaign… then U-turned at the right moment.”

Sir Keir explained how much he hopes for a new general election, hoping that there will be a chance to secure Number 10 for the Labor Party against the new Prime Minister.

The Conservative Party was in the process of choosing between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to replace Boris Johnson, with the need to defeat Labor prominent in the minds of Members of Parliament.

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Lecturer in the United States Politics & Politician Dr Richard Johnson told GB News: “I think Starmer’s leadership has been defined by a kind of caution

“Which is quite interesting because when you think back to the leadership election in 2020, Starmer presented himself as a Corbyn continuity.

“That he was really going to carry out Corbyn’s politics, Corbyn’s radical politics, but in a better way of presenting them.

“And of course really, as soon as he took those from Labor to become leader, he really abandoned that view.

“In many ways a concern, one can have about the leadership Starmer is that it is operating under a kind of orthodoxy about the political strategy that was accurate for the context of the nineties.”

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