Eagles DB James Bradberry on AJ Brown: ‘I’m glad he’s on my side’

Eagles DB James Bradberry on AJ Brown: 'I'm glad he's on my side'

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

Complete coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles and their NFL rivals from NBC Sports Philadelphia. To see also : California doctor accused of sending ‘sexually motivated’ text messages to high school cheerleaders pleads guilty.

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How many interceptions did Jaire Alexander have this year?

Def . Interception

How many yards is Jaaire Alexander allowed this season? Packers’ Jaire Alexander: Limited training record Given that he’s still in training, there’s no big worry about the cornerback’s status for Sunday’s away game against the Buccaneers. Alexander has been excellent this season, allowing just 5. To see also : Eagles training camp points predictions and ranking position groups | Birds Huddle.0 yards per target and ranking 70.2 passers through four games.

How many games has Jaire Alexander missed?

Alexander missed the last 13 games of the regular season with a shoulder injury and then returned for the Packers playoff opener against the 49ers. See the article : A Former NFL Cheerleader Goes Behind the Boots of Making the Team: Episodes 6 & 7.

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How good is avonte Maddox?

Avonte Maddox is No. 9th in the PFF ranking of NFL slot cornerbacks.

Who designed avonte Maddox? It looks like yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Avonte Maddox in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL draft.

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