Jack Del Rio Is Sharing The Feelings Of Many Coaches In The NFL

Jack Del Rio Is Sharing The Feelings Of Many Coaches In The NFL

The apple doesn’t fall far from the franchise tree, so should we be surprised that Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio called the January 6 Capitol storm and tried to just blow up “dust”?

DC Governor Jack Del Rio in a tweet compared the George Floyd protests to the uprising at the Capitol on January 6.

“Businesses are being burned, no problem, then we have dust in the Capitol, nothing is burned and we’re going to do something big.”@wusa9 #HTTC pic.twitter.com/GcuxOL6XZX

Washington has come under scrutiny for its toxic work environment and handling of allegations of sexual harassment against women and cheerleaders. In addition, it also alleged that Managers forced employees to sign non-disclosure agreements to maintain the confidentiality of what was actually tolerated throughout their facility.

Del Rio’s comments are an embarrassment to the game of football and a shared brotherhood among players and coaches, and while some in the league have openly criticized what he said, it’s important to note that quietly many coaches and executives in the NFL agree with them.

Unfortunately, for Jack Del Rio following his controversial comments and his interests in social media and many others in the NFL, African American players (who represent about 60 percent of leagues) are considered only talent and not people.

The fake apology from the cheating Jack came only after the community caught on. It is too late, he has told us how he really feels.

The Washington Chiefs should fire Jack Del Rio immediately. The $100,000 limit is not enough. The hypothetical question here is whether the Chiefs, who are the most underperforming franchise in the NFL, will pull off the upset?

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